No Talking 導聽第三講: Dave和他的五年級同學們是如何說服他們的老師們讓他們能繼續禁語的實驗呢?!


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Why is it harder for the students to continue with this no talking contest at home?

Because most parents don’t like succinct answers.

What does Brian have to do that day after school?

He has to get a haircut.

And what happens to Brian because he can’t talk?

He ends up with a terrible haircut.

Back at school, the principal, Mrs Hiatt, is having a meeting with all the fifth graders’ teachers and asking them about this no talking contest. How do the teachers respond?

Well, Mrs Marlow, the science teacher, doesn’t like it because she thinks it’s a bother, a distraction. Mrs Escobar, the math teacher, agrees. The music teacher also doesn’t like it because she can’t teach the kids songs if they don’t sing.

What about the language arts teacher, Mr Burton?

He still supports the contest because these fifth graders have been driving the whole school crazy by talking non-stop, so he doesn’t understand why the principal wants them to start talking again now that they want to be quiet for two days.

What happens the next morning?

The principal calls a special fifth-grade assembly.

What does Mrs Hiatt do to force them to talk?

She asks Dave and Lynsey to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

How do Dave and Lynsey respond to the situation?

The entire fifth graders speak with one voice.

What order does Mrs Hiatt make?

She orders them to stop playing the no talking game.

Did they stop?

No. Lynsey continues the game during the math class, and then Dave joins in.

Why does the science teacher, Mrs Marlow, also decides to allow the students to keep playing the game?

Because it doesn’t make sense to force the kids to be noisy again.

What about the music class?

The students reach an agreement, and they decide that singing is not talking. So everyone sings in music class.

What games does Mr. Burton have the students play this time?

He asks them to do a debate by only using three words.


silly: 愚蠢的

challenge: 挑戰

figure out: 想出

get along with: 跟某人相處

relationship: 人際關係

face: 面對

situation: 狀況

beg for: 非常需要

alert: 警覺的

bother: 困擾

distraction: 分心事物

have a lot of material to cover: 有很多課程/資料要教導

in a row: 連續

inventive: 有創意的

exercise: 行使

self-control: 自制能力

positive: 正面的

cast one’s vote: 投票

a sense of humor: 幽默感

assembly: 集會

pledge of allegiance: 效忠宣誓

deliberately: 故意的

call on: 點名

entire: 整個的

recite: 朗誦

productive: 有效率的

relieved: 鬆口氣的

come up with a solution: 想到解決方法

focus on: 專注在

persuade: 説服

make an example of someone: 殺雞儆猴

disobey: 不服從

conserve: 節省

define: 定義

normal: 正常的

climate change: 氣候變遷

interaction: 互動

logical: 有邏輯的

adjust: 調整


debate: 辯論

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