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Describe a place in your country that you like to recommend to visitors 本国旅游地 更多文本/朋友圈更新 Spicy food and comfortable living environment 辛辣食物和生活环境 The slow pace of life 慢节奏生活 Grab a cup of tea 喝点茶 The price seems reasonable 价格合理
What electronic devices have you bought lately 买的电子产品 更多文本/朋友圈更新 I got no money 最近没啥Q Get financial support from parents 从爸妈那获得经济援助 I used to be/was big fan of Apple products 过去超喜欢苹果产品 Now the things they sell 现在他们卖的产品
Describe someone who inspired you to do something interesting 激励你做有趣事的人 更多文本/朋友圈更新 My father is funny guy 我爸爸是个逗比 Put a smile of joy on face 面带微笑 Very patient and gentle 和蔼可亲 He looks rather tall with curly hair 我爸高大威猛一头卷发 My creativity 我的创造力 Prank 恶作剧
Will the online store replace the physical ones网店替代实体 更多文本/朋友圈更新 It will not happen at all 不存在的 Online shopping mode 线上购物模式 The service from online store is not that reliable 网购没有体验感 A boring thing 无趣的一件事
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