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FUN'S COMPANY PODCAST THE WORLD 1st TRI TALK in cantonese ! We provide: ~training method ~training content ~nutrition recommendation ~guest speaking ~personal experience ~equipment ... more&more FUN'S COMPANY PODCAST 史上首個以廣東話進行的三項鐵人,游泳,單車,跑步及體能的頻道 ! 我們為你提供: ~訓練方法 ~訓練內容 ~營養建議 ~嘉賓分享 ~個人分享 ~裝備和器材 。。。
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Vegetarian pizza 素食披萨 Probably it would be right for 3 to 4 people at a time 一次可以是三四个人的量 On the suburb 在郊区 Overweight problem 长胖的问题 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
Great career or better results 职业成就和好成绩 General knowledge of this world 世界观 Brand new world and life 新世界新生活 Horizons can be widened 视野打开 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
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