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Pay Days with On the Bench - a comprehensive sports review by the most unreliable commentators in the industry: Olly Postanin & Jacob Ardown. Hailing from Calgary, but whose experience traverses the planet, the boys host Pay Days w/ OTB on the 1st & 15th of the month. Tune-in for unique sports analysis that’s part late-night talk show with game show flair - you can call it comedy cuz hey, we like jokes!
I’m a single... divorced 40 yr old tattooer , not allowed to work, running out of money , i’m locked inside the house for self quarantine because of the Coronavirus .... oh and I’m doing it all with a 3yr old boy. & a corgi. Follow me along as I try not to lose my shit, keep my house clean, maybe fold some laundry and teach this boy some manners........this could get interesting
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In Eppie 21 the boys run down an insider look at their weekend on the RED CARPET at the CCMA's. Does Nick Suzuki deserve the 'C' in Montreal?! And who is an early favourite to win the cup this year! Thanks to Nice Rink for sponsoring!由On the Bench Productions
We have a special guest for Eppie 17, The Keeper of the Cup joins us to tell a few stories about his travels with the Stanley Cup! Find out what we have on the go, its going to be a busy summer!由On the Bench Productions
In Eppie 16 we look at the Avs winning the cup and what it took. Do we feel bad for Corey Perry?? We also give a run down of everything we have coming up, its going to be a greasy summer!由On the Bench Productions
With recent events surrounding the PGA, would you leave something for a ridiculous amount of money?! The Stanley Cup final is here! The boys reveal who is going to win and make all the predictions you need to hear to make the right bets!由On the Bench Productions
The boys break down what went completely wrong in their playoff run, and don't worry Oilers fans, this is an honest breakdown. Why did the Oilers deserve to win and move on? You'll also hear some fun stories about our time in Florida **DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME**由On the Bench Productions
In Eppie 11 the boys talk about everything leading up to the playoffs, who's going to win, and even a little NHL conspiracy! They also put your knowledge as ON THE BENCH fans to the real test, how well do you know the boys?!由On the Bench Productions
Eppie 10 brings the fire, talking about everything from Canada clinching a spot in the World Cup, all the trade deadline winners and losers, and Will Smith open palming Chris Rock! How would a hockey player have handled that situation?!由On the Bench Productions
This eppie we call out Sean Avery after his disappointing 2-day pro contract. Full contact, 2v2 game is in order. Plus we give the insider with where Gio is going to end up come trade deadline, might even be Calgary again! Listen for the code to get free stuff from由On the Bench Productions
Listen for the code to get free stuff from! This week we talk about our trip down to Vegas with the Spittin Chiclets squad. Two absolute beauties from Minnesota join us to talk hockey and about how we crushed them at the O.D.R. Plus the rest of your hockey needs are covered!…
This eppie we are joined by our good friend Pete Lenes (@elev802) and talk about our upcoming trip to LAS VEGAS! We also tell the stories about our worst injuries we have got playing hockey, tune in to find out how many teeth Jacob has lost! Like always, theres a payday code to get some FREE merch!…
This eppy we have lots of important news to share with you, a couple exciting trips coming up and one HUGE announcement! You don't want to miss it! Plus, like usual you can cash in on PAYDAYS and scoop some free stuff if you are quick enough! Listen up, because we’re giving away free stuff every episode!…
In eppy 4 we talk about the potential of the Calgary flames moving, and we tell one of our best stories from OTB history where we were filming a MOVIE!! Listen up, because we’re giving away free stuff every episode!由On the Bench Productions
In this episode we break down some of the craziest plays in hockey of late. Zegras with the amazing Michigan style assist. Should goalies be playing the puck?! Plus, we've added fan questions and a special guest! Listen up, because we’re giving away free stuff every episode!由On the Bench Productions
In our first podcast, we debate who we’d take Crosby or McDavid plus should fighting be taken outta the game? And is Jacob smarter than Olly…. And since it’s Pay Days stick around to find out how you earn your dough because we’re giving away free stuff every episode!由On the Bench Productions
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