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Spiritual Entertainer. What that is? A spiritual entertainer is one who has made the journey of Alice, Neo and Vaiana, and been called to become the Mad Hatter, Morpheus and Tala, all in one. Be wary of him, because he's a rascal and a scoundrel who will take you to dinner at the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe if you give him the slightest chance. If you were looking for me, here I am.
In this podiobook: Wrightales are original fairy tales for grownups who have never quite grown up written and read by Lisa Wright. Though they follow the conventions of traditional tales, they have more humor than the Brothers Grimm, fewer princesses than Disney, and a lot less gore than Angela Carter. Wrightales take on eternal conundrums like: how to avoid ending up in the middle of nowhere, discovering the Secret to Happiness, and the search for a life that doesn't involve goats. They tak ...
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A story about emotions, the dangers of controlling them and about one of the most fundamental choices a human being can make. Transcript and extra material available at由Michael Kazarnowicz
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