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Pengertian zakat : Menjelaskan tentang pengertian zakat secara etimologi dan terminologi. Kemudian menjelaskan tentang urgensi zakat bagi setiap muslim; di antara adalah sebagai salah satu rukun Islam, sebagai jaminan masuk surga, membersihkan harta yang tertinggal, sebagai penolak bala, dll.
What does a modern Islamic social reality look like? How does it deal with finance, employment, trade, education, poverty, justice and governance amongst other things? All these questions are skillfully answered in a series of talks that starts with the 'Ramadhan Discourses.' Compulsory listening for any sincere Muslim activist or would-be 'fundamentalist.'
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A talk given by the renowned teacher, author and translator of the Qur'an, Hajj Abdaklhaqq Bewley, delivered in Norwich as part of the Muslims of Norwich exhibktion and provide courtessy of... A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century由Hajj Abdalhaqq Bewley
Hajj Abdussamad Clarke brilliantly answers some common and other more technical questions connected to the re-establishment of the proper collection and distribution of Zakat in the modern age... A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century由Abdussamad Clarke
Delivered by Amir Pak Zaim at the 12th International Fiqh Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2009.This wonderful presentation shows clearly that the Full implementation of... A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century由Pak Zaim
(Rais) Abu Bakr Reiger interviews Umar Vadillo about the current world financial crisis and the necessary Islamic alternative. Umar Vadillo covers the fallacy of islamic banking, globalisation and... A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century由Umar Vadillo
Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas outlines the components and realities of the Islamic dawla in our time, that is the Islamic social order that includes, mosques, markets, schools, bath houses, soup kitchens... A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century由Amal Abdalhakim-Douglas
In this talk given as part of the Ramadhan Discourses, Abdulhalim Orr explains the thinking and practical realities behind the Islamic Imaret. He also looks at the historical settings of this Islamic... A Just Islamic Society for the 21st Century由Abdulhalim Orr
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