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This account was managed by Belzebuub's publisher but is no longer active. British born author Belzebuub explored spiritual knowledge for nearly 30 years through personal experience. He wrote books on dreams, out-of-body experiences, self-discovery and consciousness. His last book was released in 2010, after which he was no longer active in public life. Belzebuub began searching for spirituality from an early age, having grown up in a home with poltergeist activity and experiencing many psyc ...
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Aug 29th, 2006 interview. The meaning of dreams and where they come from, including symbology of dreams, dream journals, lucid dreaming, bad dreams, falling back into your body, dreams from the subconscious, and sleep paralysis. Belzebuub on BBC Radio Jersey.由Belzebuub
Belzebuub interviewed on BBC Hereford & Worcester on August 29th 2006. The question is posed: “42 percent of people experience a nightmare at least once a month. I was always told it’s the subconscious playing about with you. So if you’re going to have a dream, it’s all about your day’s thoughts that’s coming to the fore – is that right?”…
On the topic of dreams and their meaning, Belsebuub was interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton on Aug 29, 2006.“Researchers say dreams are random, just chaotic images that emerge as the brain goes through its daily housekeeping, but are we right to be so dismissive of that theory?”由Belzebuub
An August 13, 2006 interview on BBC Radio Leicester with Belzebuub. The topics covered were the astral plane and how we can use it to learn about our lives and what exists beyond death, as well as astral projection, and what OBEs are and how they take place.由Belzebuub
Dr Peter Fenwick, one of the leading near-death experience researchers in the world, and Belzebuub, one of the most experienced astral projection experts, discuss near-death experiences on BBC Radio Warwickshire on August 14th 2006. Later, in 2012, Dr Fenwick said “I myself suspect that NDEs are part of the same continuum as mystical experiences.”…
On the Big Show Michigan, Talk Radio Network, Belzebuub was interviewed on Sep 22, 2006. This interview included some of the reasons near-death experiences indicate consciousness exists beyond the brain, and what NDEs tell us about the afterlife and existence beyond death of the physical body.由Belzebuub
An interview with Belzebuub which aired on BBC Radio Cornwall, August 3, 2006. On the topic of how having OBEs through astral projection can help give understanding of what occurs in near-death experiences, and so help us understand what happens after death.由Belzebuub
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