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The Milo Chao Show is a biography podcast where we talk to remarkable creators about how they got here. In so doing, we hope to better understand the roots of creativity and how we all might nurture more in ourselves and those in our care. Season One In season one, Cao Jingxing and Milo Chao interview creators from China in Chinese. We interview a wide spectrum of people from author to actress and astrologer to barefoot doctor. Season Two In season two, Milo Chao interviews creators from Chi ...
《DevMurmur》 是由 TechBridge Weekly 技術週刊團隊所製作的技術網路廣播節目(Podcast)。節目中我們將邀請在海內外工作的第一線工程師來分享第一手經驗,討論主題包括軟體開發、職場生活、系統設計和技術管理等開發者相關議題。快來追蹤我們,讓我們一起聊聊軟體開發現場的那些事!
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George Lois. The story of George Lois is the story of a Greek American rabble-rousing pugilist from the rough streets of The Bronx who has spent most of his life fighting against social injustice and fighting tooth and nail for his art. The first time I heard of George Lois was while watching Art & Copy, a 2009 documentary about the advertising ind…
如何克服在公众面前说话的焦虑紧张病? 安安老师告诉你... 赵安安,******:ananlaoshi123,*****@赵安安Ann,读心女神安安老师,香港大学心理学博士,专业心理学家,心灵园地的守护者,安抚焦虑的内心与不安定的情绪。在各大平台搜寻“赵安安Ann”加入看我的影音视频,进行丰富的心灵之旅吧!由讀心女神安安老師
如何克服在公众面前说话的焦虑紧张病? 安安老师告诉你... 赵安安,******:ananlaoshi123,*****@赵安安Ann,读心女神安安老师,香港大学心理学博士,专业心理学家,心灵园地的守护者,安抚焦虑的内心与不安定的情绪。在各大平台搜寻“赵安安Ann”加入看我的影音视频,进行丰富的心灵之旅吧!由安安老師的心理課
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