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Two guys. One cup. Of coffee. Two friends get together every week and talk nonsense about what's happened in this weeks events. Well at least they try... Expect tangents, hilarity and the sound of 2 best friends wondering how life led them to this point. @themulholland @sparkygolarky
If your reading this its probably by mistake but don't worry this mistake doesn't last 18 years and grow to resent you. A group of friends talk a bit and drink too much. If we're not too drunk topics vary from science, porn, film, games, alcohol and maybe some life stories. Come on lets waste some time together.
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UI/UX Design is an important part of the product process. It becomes an important part of the overall sales process as well when customers and prospects compare how drivers and office workers interact with the applications -- it can make or break a deal. Find out how sales and the UI/UX teams can work together.…
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