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How to spend money wisely 正确处理财务 It seems easy but actually it is quite hard to get 看起来简单其实挺难学的 That I have mentioned above 上面我提到过的 This phenomenon 这个现象 更多文本/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
Sometimes or occasionally 偶尔的 A bicycle was with us 我爸爸骑车带着我 At the age of ten or eleven 上五年级的时候 Quite independent 很独立啦 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新 (My father was pretty good at it 口误 it 没有发音清晰)由英语口语家森Jason
Not a smaller town or plenty of village 不是小地方或者小村庄 I am really into 我真的感兴趣的 20 million people 两千万人 Comfortable living environment 舒适的环境 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
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