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Sam Amick of The Athletic joins the show every Thursday during the NBA season to talk all things Jazz and NBA with Jake and Gordon. Sam put a bow on the 2020-21 season this week, took a look at the Bucks' title run, and mused over what to expect from the Jazz this summer and next season.由The Zone Sports Network
Chris Mannix put a wrap on the 2020-21 NBA season on Wednesday afternoon, talking over the Bucks winning the NBA title on Tuesday night in Milwaukee, what to expect from a very short off-season the league over, and whether the Jazz are close to winning it all or close to resetting.由The Zone Sports Network
Gordie Chiesa joins the show every Monday during the NBA season to discuss all things ball, from the league as a whole to the Utah Jazz specifically. This week's visit focused on the NBA Finals, which now have the Milwaukee Bucks up 3-2 over the Phoenix Suns with Game 6 in Wisconsin on Tuesday night.…
-Milwaukee rebounded to win 3 straight games in the NBA Finals and now have a chance to win the whole thing at home on Tuesday night, up 3-2 on Phoenix -Giannis' humility & maturity on full display in this series由The Zone Sports Network
Jeremiah Jensen (KSL Sportsbeat) joined 'The Big Show' on Tuesday afternoon to give his thoughts on what's plaguing men's hoops (0-2 in exhibition play) and what can be fixed before the Olympics begin. JJ will be on the ground in Tokyo to cover the games for KSL and NBC.由The Zone Sports Network
Scott Howard-Cooper has covered professional and college sports since the 1980s for some of the most prominent outlets in the country, including the Los Angeles Times,, and NBA TV, and the Sacramento Bee, among others. On Wednesday he joined The Big Show to discuss the NBA Finals as well as his new book, Steve…
Radio voice of the Utah Jazz David Locke stops by 'The Big Show' every Wednesday at 5 o'clock. This week Locke spoke about the front office changes, dismissed possible Donovan Mitchell grievances as less than news or abnormal circumstance, and even had a throwback to one of Salt Lake's worst restaurants EVER.…
Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated joined The Big Show on Wednesday afternoon and shared his thoughts on all the Jazz news swirling over the last few days (and where Danny Ainge's future collides with it all), the playoffs and injuries therein happening to the remaining teams, and what to make of the eventual champions' legacy this season.…
Ben Anderson covers the Jazz for and joined 'The Big Show' on Monday afternoon to give his thoughts and insights on Dennis Lindsey's new role as advisor, Justin Zanik remaining as general manager, and what he sees ahead for the franchise.由The Zone Sports Network
The coach Gordie Chiesa joins Jake and Gordon each and every Monday afternoon during the NBA season to discuss all things Jazz and Association. This week Chiesa spoke to the Dennis Lindsey/Utah Jazz front office news, the Conference Finals, and where the Jazz go from here.由The Zone Sports Network
Gordon Monson and Jake Scott started the week by digesting the news that Jazz Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Dennis Lindsey will be leaving that post for an advisor role within the organization. Stemming from that news, The Big Show then took a look at what might be next for the Utah Jazz.…
Sam Amick has your NBA Daily Assist each Thursday at 4pm on The Big Show. This week Sam gave his thoughts on the sudden end to the Jazz season, what might/should/could happen next for Utah, and where he sees the next chapter of the Ben Simmons story heading.由The Zone Sports Network
Chris Kamrani of The Athletic joined 'The Big Show' on Wednesday afternoon to give his thoughts on the Utah Jazz, the Olympics, and Utah football. Jazz: what went wrong, how to fix it Olympics: Chris will be covering them, remotely, for The Athletic Utes: the number one story, albeit obvious, is the QB competition…
Craig Bolerjack joins the show every Tuesday at 5pm for the "Utah Jazz Insider Report" and this week he gave his thoughts on the unexpected exit from the playoffs for the Jazz, what to do from here, and what he thinks will happen in the front office with new majority owners in place.由The Zone Sports Network
Chris Mannix provides the NBA Daily Assist each and every Monday on The Big Show. This week Mannix gave his reactions and thoughts to the Jazz getting eliminated in 6-games by the Clippers; what to expect from the WCF and ECF; and where the Ben Simmons story goes from here.由The Zone Sports Network
Gordie Chiesa joins the show every Monday to talk all things Utah Jazz, and NBA, with Jake and Gordon on The Zone Sports Network. This week Coach Chiesa gave his reaction to the unexpected end to the 2020-21 season for the Jazz at the hands of the Clippers.由The Zone Sports Network
Jake Scott & Gordon Monson took the time on Monday to dive into the details of the 2020-21 Utah Jazz season that was, what the team deserved to be criticized for in falling short of their goals, and where they are receiving UNDUE criticism.由The Zone Sports Network
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