Why I Am No Longer Going To Be Using "Plant Medicines": Part 1


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On June 1, 2022, I reached one of the most important conclusions and subsequently made one of the most important decisions of my life.

I decided to completely stop using, endorsing, encouraging, extolling, promoting, praising, or otherwise having any involvement with so-called "plant medicines."

Now, before you roll your eyes and stop reading because perhaps you were never interested in plant medicines in the first place, or you think I must have had some kind of a "bad trip" on shrooms, or you're convinced that plant medicines play a vastly important role in your own personal, spiritual, or professional development and there's no way you'd ever come to the same conclusion I recently have...

...I beg of you: please stick with me here.

Please hear me out.

I have some very important things to say that I think the world desperately needs to hear right now. After a great deal of studying up on the topic (and, over the past decade, experimenting with nearly every plant medicine substance known to humankind) I strongly feel that it is now my responsibility and God-given calling to share my newest thoughts with you on this matter. Frankly, there is absolutely no way I want to go to the grave without speaking my mind on this topic.

And yes - I realize that a few of you might be cringing because, deep down inside, you suspect that I'm about to expose the "noble and laudable" excuse of "healing yourself" with plant medicines that a shockingly high number of health enthusiasts and spiritual warriors and shaman-bro's and sis's engage in on a frequent basis...

...as just an excuse to get high and do drugs without feeling like an addict.

You'd be right if that's your suspicion.

Admittedly, I'm partially responsible for fueling this entire movement.

I've podcasted and written multiple times on the benefits of journeying with plant medicines.

I've heavily promoted microdosing with plant medicines for focus, creativity, productivity, and social outings.

I've equated cannabis and shrooms with coffee and wine (trust me, they're a bit different).

I own multiple investments (several of which I'll be exiting, by the way) in ketamine clinics, cannabis companies, and psilocybin research laboratories.

I've encouraged couples—in the same way that my wife and I have done—to consider compounds like sassafras, MDMA, ketamine, lysergamides, and beyond for enhancing sex or having highly bonding weekend getaways.

Perhaps most interestingly, I have derived a great deal of benefit and personal insight and relationship enhancement and creative ideas from "journeying" with plant medicine, which made what I am about to share with you very difficult to write. Frankly, I thought because all the fruits of my use of plant medicines were nothing but good, that the ends justified the means.

But I was wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

I am sorry.

I am ashamed.

I have severely missed the mark.

I was playing with fire, and you might be too.

And I am about to tell you why.

Read the entire article at https://bengreenfieldlife.com/plantmedpart1

In this episode, you'll hear:

-Plant medicines defined...10:11

-Why I am done with plant medicines...17:35

-The Bible: Obstacle to the evolution...32:08

-The horrific effects of drug abuse...37:30

-I was deceived and I was playing with fire...42:35

-Freedom from bondage...46:45

-Summary of Part 1...52:25

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