Is working from home the future?未来在家办公会成为常态吗?


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Hey, Matt. I heard your new job lets you work remotely.


Yes, I'm loving it. It's great having flexibility and autonomy over my work.

That's great! Isn't it hard without face-to-face interactions, though?


We mitigate that pretty well by leveraging collaboration tools we already had, like Slack and Zoom.

That's cool. Weren't you more productive in an office?


Not at all. Offices have lots of productivity constraints. And, since we're judged only on our output, it actually keeps people from slacking off.

I still like the camaraderie you get from being with coworkers.

As long as you like your coworkers! We do have a physical office we can visit, and we have team-building retreats as well.

Seems like they're working out the kinks. I can definitely see that it lets companies tap into a far bigger global talent pool.

For sure. Insofar as they can, more and more companies are exploring this or some hybrid of it.

I think it's going to look like a different world in ten years!

Grammar | 语法点

Insofar as/that

In today's program we saw the adverbial phrase "insofar as." This phrase can also be a conjunction and means "to the extent that." In fact, it can even be replaced by the shorter phrase "as far as." The phrase "insofar as" is formal, but if you drop it carefully into a casual conversation, it's great for making you sound smart. Example situation:

在今天的节目中,我们看到了副词短语"insofar as"。这个短语也可以作连词,意思是"to the extent that (到...程度)"。实际上,它也可以被短一点的"as far as"代替。"insofar as"很正式,但如果你在日常对话里小心使用它,会使你听上去很机智。例如:
My friend only reads articles insofar as they support her own ideas.我的朋友只读那些支持她自己想法的文章。
It's usually almost always "insofar as," but you may also see "insofar that" followed by another complete clause.
一般我们用到的都是"insofar as",但有时也有用"insofar that"后面接完整的从句。
I'll do my best to support you insofar that I'm able to.我会尽我所能来支持你。