Among Us


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Among Us
Snuggle down and cosy up, for tonight you will walk in the memories of those that came before you in Among Us.
You find yourself in a strange and alien landscape. The terrain is rocky and ragged but not too harsh. The rocks are bold, but broken, as if sliced by the icy wind you can start to feel through your clothes and on the nape of your neck. The sky is darker than you expect it to be, but bright enough for you to know its daytime wherever you may be.
In the distance you can see a jagged mountain range, smothered with snow collapsing off its side, like a badly baked and decorated cake, until the smothering becomes a dusting further down its steep hills. You shiver at the thought of the cold, and the harsh barren landscape. You are cold enough where you are so decide to find shelter hoping your quest will help you realise where you are.
You've walked for a little while now and have been slowly climbing a gentle hill. As you approach the top, you notice an out of place object on the near horizon. It's as large as a small town, but looks abandoned as if it had been placed there in error and then forgotten about.
But you recognise this object. You don't know why, you are drawn to it and you decide to investigate further. It's getting darker in this already darker world, and you decide that some shelter in a strangely familiar place is better than none. You're still not sure where you are, and are unaware of any potential dangers, so you resolve to use caution and to stay alert until you're sure you're safe.
You reach the strange town just as the last of the day's light fades. Although, instead of going darker, the sky turns a different shade, a greenish hue fills the sky and everything is washed in an ethereal emerald. The landscape around you changes dramatically. The snow-topped mountains in the distance now look like cupcakes with glistening green icing, while the rocks around you look more like precious metals than rocks. There is a magic to this light, but the change makes you nervous and you decide to push through an opening you'd spotted a little while back.
As you approach the opening, you notice that the object in fact looks like a crashed spacecraft. Suddenly you remember where you know this place from and recall the little, pink, cat-hat wearing hooded character you played in in this very location - The Skeld! You recall the hundreds of games you engaged in with your friends, your sibling and random others in this very ship. You remember the different areas of the ship well, and the lobby in which you all met in before embarking on the quest to find the Imposter. And you remember being the Imposter, the hiding places, the sabotage and the voting. You loved this game and are keen to take shelter and refuge in a familiar place, comforted by your memories.
As you walk through the darkness, the ship's lights automatically flicker on. You can hear your footsteps echoing in the vast and empty corridors of the ship. You pass a door on your right, but it's locked. You can either turn around and head the other way, or continue forward. You think you know where you are, so you push forward and enter the Cafeteria - a place you know well. You're excited to be in the Cafeteria and you quickly decide to see if you can use the vents, as used by the Imposters in the game. To your delight you can, and you travel through the vents to the Admin room. Here you look around and interact with the puzzle before stepping back out to the corridor. You remember the camera here, where you'd look at the other players from the Security room, trying to figure out who the Imposters were and where they were coming from, but only recall crazy dances. You remember doing a dance yourself, and later being told how funny it looked in the Security room. You smile as you head left and through the Storage room towards the Lower Engine room. You decide it would be wise to go to the Security room to just make sure there is nothing unexpected lurking in the corners of the ship.
You approach the Security room, but you hear something behind you. It sounds like it's coming from the Reactor room. It's a scuttling sound, and you think you can hear a kind of sobbing. You quickly turn around and head towards the sound and are surprised to see a green character stuck in the vents from the Reactor room to the Upper Engine room.
"Hello?" you hear as you walk towards the vent.
"Hello! You found me! Thank you so much. Can you please help me out of this vent? I've been stuck here for days and I don't know where everyone else is."
As you help Green out of the vent, they explain to you how they were the Imposter and had successfully managed to trick everyone on board. They'd all kicked each other out, and the Green had been chuckling the whole time. But something strange had happened. The other characters hadn't respawned, and the green character, lonely, had started to wander the ship in search for them, but couldn't find them. Then the ship started to suddenly make strange noises, so Green had hidden in the nearest vent in order to be safe. When they'd woken up, everything was quiet and dark, and Green was stuck and couldn't' get out.
You're amazed Green has been able to survive and you both enter the Security room.
Of course, you can't see inside the rooms, only the outside. You and Green begin to scan the cameras, looking for any movement or anything out of place. Suddenly Green points excitedly at the camera near the Navigation room. The door for the Weapons room seems to be jamming open and shut, as if the electrics had been damaged. You decide to head over there together and both agree the quickest route would be through the Cafeteria. There is a vent in the Security room that leads to the MedBay. From there you can go through the Cafeteria and into the Weapons room through the side door, the door that is hidden by the camera.
You jump out of the MedBay and head towards the door. But you quickly remember that it was locked from the outside - you tried to open it when you first came into the ship. You release the lock and you and Green head into the Cafeteria.
Both of you try the side door, but it's locked. Inside you can hear noises, but you can't make out what they are. You tell Green to stay put and try to find a way to open the door while you disappear into the vent that leads to the corridor outside the Shields, Navigation and Weapons rooms. You quickly run to the Weapons room and you can see the door jamming. You notice the "Divert Power" button has been damaged, but not badly. You fix the button and release the door.
Inside you find seven more players. Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, White and Black. They come out from their hiding places and start to surround you. Before they can ask anything, Green bursts through the side doors.
"You're all ok!" he says with relief.
Everyone gathers around Green who recounts what had happened. The group start to giggle, hug and laugh. Green points to you, before leaving the group.
"Thank you, there was a glitch with the game, it seems. But you arrived just in time. Everyone is so grateful to you."
As he talks, the whole ship comes alive and rises from the ground. You've not only resolved the glitch, but you've released the ship from the ground and reset the game.
You thank Green, but hint that you're tired.
"Choose any cabin you want!" says Green before heading back to the group.
You make your way to the Navigation room. You're always fascinated by the journeys space craft embark on. You sit on the bridge and admire the colourful lights of the screens and are hypnotised by the hum of the engines. Slowly, you feel your eyes get heavy, and your body sinking into the chair. You know you're tired, so you close your eyes and drift away, awaiting your next adventure.
Written and narrated by Tamer Asfahani
Dialogue Editor: Ian Abe
Music contributions: Jan Strum
Edited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited
For Aiéhla x

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