LOTI 305 : Barrens – Druid


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What did you do this week?

Quests? Ranked play? Fun Guaranteed with friends?


Rank : Silver 9 Standard – Platinum 10 Wild

25% Barrens Gameplay Achievements

Level 70 in Tavern Pass

95 Gold, 265 Dust


Rank : Gold 5 Standard – Platinum 5 Wild

37% Barrens Gameplay Achievements

Level 80 in Tavern Pass

1055 Gold, 6585 Dust


  • Alleria Windrunner Hero Set added to store for a limited time
    • $9.99 US
    • 1500 Gold
    • Comes with the Alleria Alternate Hero and Card Back
  • Balance changes will be coming in 2 weeks. The changes haven’t had their final decision yet so no announced changes.
  • Patch 20.2
    • Releases on May 4th
    • Battlegrounds:
      • Quillboar are being added as a new Battlegrounds minion type.
      • There will still be 5 minion types per Battleground game, but Quillboar will show up in every Battlegrounds match until the next major patch.
      • 17 new minions
      • 3 new Heroes
        • Death Speaker Blackthorn
          • Bloodhound (Passive) After you upgrade Bob’s Tavern, gain 2 Blood Gems
        • Vol’jin
          • Spirit Swap (Costs 0) Choose two minions. Swap their stats.
        • Xyrella
          • See the Light (Costs 2) Choose a minion in Bob’s Tavern to add to your hand. Set its stats to 2.
        • Rat King (Updated)
          • King of Quillboar (Passive) Whenever you buy a Quillboar, give it +2/+2. Swaps type each turn.
      • New Mechanic: Blood Gems
        • Spells that give a friendly minion +1/+1
        • Some Quillboar give you Blood Gems
        • Others have special interactions when Blood Gems are played
      • Favorite Coin skins now work in Battlegrounds
      • Battlegrounds ratings will reset to 0 when it launches
    • Diamond Ragnaros – Can be obtained by completing the Classic Legendary Collector 5/5 Achievement (Collect all 36 Classic Legendary Cards)
    • New Progression Achievement, Tavern Regular
      • Tracks total reward track levels earned on your account across all reward tracks from each expansion.
      • Completing each tier of this achievement will reward a choice from 1 of 10 new Hero skins
      • Each of these new Heroes will have their own VO and emotes
    • Battle-Ready Decks
      • Curated decks optimized from the most recent expansion.
      • You are able to add a complete deck list from the class of your choice to your collection permanently
      • Used data captured across hundreds of thousands of play sessions to ensure you are taking home a combat-worthy list.
      • $19.99 and only 1 per account
      • https://playhearthstone.com/en-gb/news/23665633
    • Book of Heroes Thrall
      • May 25th

Espo Mode

Battle of Tol Barad


Magical Creatures are escaping from Tol Barad! Play a minion and get a random spell of the same cot, but for free!


A Year of the Phoenix Card Pack for winning the Brawl once.

Barrens: Druid

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