Encore: 被火山爆發封存的時空膠囊—龐貝古城|神奇樹屋Magic Tree House #13: Vacation Under The Volcano 龐貝城的末日


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以下是這集的Show Note
General Questions:
  • Who is Morgan? She’s the owner of the tree house and a librarian from the times of King Arthur. She’s also an enchantress, which means she knows how to perform magic and cast spells, like witches.
  • So in this book, where does Morgan send Jack and Annie to?the lost city of Pompeii in Roman Times
  • What’s their mission? Their mission is to retrieve a lost book
  • What do they have to do if they encounter dangers? They can ask the ancient book to help them.
  • What lost book do they bring back? The Story of Hercules
  • So can you briefly summarize the book for me? Morgan, the enchantress, sends Jack and Annie to Pompeii, a town in Roman Times. There they have to find a lost book and bring it to Morgan. And when they are in grave dangers, they can ask the ancient book to help them. The story they retrieve from Pompeii is the Story of Hercules.

Detail Questions:
Then in your second and third reading, you can start asking yourself some more detailed questions. Such as
  • Why doesn’t Annie want to go to Pompeii at first? Because she’s scared, she had nightmares. And in her nightmares, everything is smoky and burning. The ground is shaking.
  • We read that Jack and Annie encounter a soothsayer when they are there! What does a soothsayer do? A soothsayer is someone who believes he or she can see the future.
  • Who tells them where is find the ancient book? The soothsayer
  • What does Jack find out about the history of Pompeii? My Vesuvius is about to erupt that day.
  • What do they do to protect themselves from being hit by the fallen volcanic rocks? They put pillows on their heads.
  • Why can’t they run back to their treehouse? Because the bridge taking them there is destroyed.
  • What happens when they ask the ancient book for help? A giant gladiator appears and carries them back to the treehouse.

  • Mary Beard
  • Mt. Vesuvius 維蘇威火山
  • Herculean
  • Greek Myth 希臘神話
  • Hercules 大力士 赫克力斯
  • Achilles 阿基里斯
  • Jupiter 宙斯(羅馬神話)

  • formulated a. 公式化的
  • go on a mission 探索
  • complete v. 完成
  • audio book n. 有聲書
  • percentage n. 百分比
  • Crete island 克里特島
  • backpacking n. 徒步旅行
  • admiration n. 佩服
  • drama teacher n. 戲劇老師
  • tourist agent 旅遊
  • bartender n. 酒保
  • bookish a. 書呆子的
  • authority n. 權利
  • figure n. 人物
  • detail n. 細節
  • general question n. 概略問題
  • enchantress n. 女巫
  • detail question n. 深入問題
  • soothsayer n. 預言家
  • obviously adv. 明顯地
  • religion n. 宗教
  • dormant volcano n. 休火山
  • forum n. 市中心/論壇
  • ruin n. 廢墟
  • story n. 樓層
  • meaning n. 意思
  • definition n. 定義
  • nut n. 堅果
  • nuts a. 瘋的
  • population n. 人口
  • estimate v. 估計
  • poisonous gas n. 有毒氣體
  • sewer n. 下水道
  • sewage system n. 排水系統
  • fertile n. 豐沃
  • agriculture n. 農業
  • diverse a. 變化多的
  • mansion n. 豪宅
  • slavery n. 奴隸制度
  • steamed room n. 蒸汽室

Timeline Pompeii: Life and Death with Mary Beard

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