冬冬原创 Rudolph's Christmas Eve 鲁道夫的平安夜


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A flash of light dashed through the skies of the North Pole, something other than the northern lights that constantly glow. There was a red dot just in the front of the flash of light. It was the nose of a reindeer, which goes by the name of Rudolph. Even today, Rudolph is a proud reindeer that works for Father Christmas. Nothing ever went wrong. However, for one reason or another, Rudolph let down his guard just for one little second, and that caused a disaster.
It all began in Santa Claus’s workshop. Elves were busily making toys for those on the Nice List of Santa Claus. They were pounding the toys with their little hammers, tinkering with them with their nimble hands, and wrapping each one with the prettiest wrappers in the world. “DONG! DONG!” Santa Claus’s holiday bell rang. It was time for the Great Delivery. The reindeer were all ready, with red-nosed Rudolph leading the way.
Rudolph’s red nose shone like a star. He thought while Santa Claus reminded the reindeer of their safety: What could possibly go wrong? It’s my 500th delivery! I’m going to manage well.
Elves scurried off the runway as the reindeer prepared for flight. Santa Claus sat down on the leather seat of the great sleigh. He took one last look at Mrs. Claus, who was waving merrily out of the window of the kitchen, where she was cooking Christmas-themed apple pie for herself and the elves.
The delivery team took flight. They flew over mountains and forests, rivers and lakes, and the creatures that dwelled in these places. Finally they reached the town of Givemegifts.
Givemegifts was a fabulous place. It had a main street that was big and wide. On the street was Gift’s Gift Shop and Gift’s Canteen. The street beside the main street was just as fabulous. It was the famous Gift Avenue. On it was Gift’s Hair Salon and Gift’s Gym, beside which was Gift’s Memorial Hospital.
Rudolph was fond of this town. He was dazzled by the new decorations the mayor had added this year: A reindeer statue, a great big gift box in Central Gift’s Park, and a giant figure of Santa Claus that was waving its hand and hollering “ho ho ho”. Rudolph was so dazed by these things that he forgot their mission. He flew towards the great big gift box.
“Crash!” He plunged into the big styrofoam gift box, followed by his reindeer brothers and Santa Claus’s sleigh. The loud sound startled the citizens of Givemegifts. They all came out of their houses to see what was going on.
They were amazed when they saw what had happened. For a minute, no one spoke. Then a loud “Boo” came from the crowd. Rudolph was filled with frustration. He wanted to disappear into the ground. He was filled with anger. He wanted to smash the gift box up. He was filled with shame. He wanted to resign and be a normal reindeer in a petting zoo. But he couldn’t. He tried to wiggle his way out of the styrofoam. But he couldn’t.
Santa Claus used his magic to free the delivery team out. Now they were not only exposed, but humiliated in public! Santa Claus stared at Rudolph, who, then, lowered his head in guilt.
“Citizens of Givemegifts! I am sorry. Due to our head reindeer’s mistake, we have destroyed your gift box. We will sing you a Christmas carol. That will act as a repayment to your loss.” Santa Claus called. Then he whispered, “Get in carol formation! Pronto!”
“Silent night,
Holy night.
All is calm,
All is bright!
Round you Virgin,
Mother and child.
Holy infant
So tender and mild.
Sleep in Heavenly peace,
Sleep in Heavenly peace.
Silent night,
Holy night...”
Suddenly, all of Givemegifts was singing with Santa Claus and the reindeer. A burst of applause rang in Santa Claus’s ears.
Santa Claus repacked his luggage. He looked at the sky. It was nearly midnight. He hooked up his reindeer and left the little town of Givemegifts.
Rudolph flew over the night sky. As he did, he thought of what had happened this night. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. I was too proud. I loved being head reindeer so much that I grew way too fond of myself.
When they finally got back to the North Pole, it was dawn. Mrs. Claus gave the hungry delivery team some apple pie she had saved for them. They sang Christmas carols all day long.
But what had happened during Rudolph’s 500th delivery service will always be a secret between the reindeer, Rudolph, and Santa Claus, and it will also be a secret between you and me!