The AI, Alien Manifesting Connection.


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What up! Feeling good and recovering from a great weekend hanging out, getting back into the flow of things slowly and safely. I am still masking it up, even if I get the vaccine, I am still gonna wear a mask. I just spoke to an associate who told me she just got her shot, and that she had covid twice. Damn. Wear a mask! Changing subjects, I am saying go girl about J.Lo and moving on. I’m telling ya I think there may be some truth to my theory about it just being a dick ride for A-Rod. Hope ASAP Rocky is not doing the same thing, I like that he says he is in love with RiRi. Can we get more men to big up the women they love? I really want to talk about AI, humanity, and aliens. I was watching these documentaries over the past week, I think disclosure is happening all over the place, but not. The commercials, and social media an even some news. CBS has just reported that NASA has come closer to finding out what these Fast Radio Bursts are coming from. They are saying that it is coming from the spiral arms of new galaxies being formed? Possibly, but they still are not sure. Now after watching all of the documentaries, I’m like nah, that is the public answer, they trying to contact us y’all. Afterall there are more planets being discovered all the time, and galaxies. The Fast Radio Bursts have been discovered since 2001. Okay for some reason this is all making sense to me, like a puzzle. I am getting downloads on its time for us to connect all these things, The new findings in space, the AI and our minds. With the technology, are we becoming dumb and losing what makes us human? I was watching Super Intelligenz a movie about AI with talks from some developers and the questions and dilemma of creating life. AI and manifesting, it’s correlated. I know you may think, what Sonja? But if we are going more and more into zombie zone, where you don’t have to think at all, then we are losing what make us special. Example: What is your moms phone number? Are we giving away our inheritance? The ability to tap in one individual at a time? Our imagination and ability to manifest, create, our will. I feel like society has got us to this condition where we don’t think any of this is real, so we are heartbroken inside, which leads to so many issues. Now here is another level, they have been doing studies and it is showing the AI are seeing women as less because they are being programmed that way, due to the data that the AI is looking and learning from. So how is this to ensure that our future will not be full of the exact same bullshit? What about brown skinned people? Is that why the algorithms suck so bad? I also saw they are teaching robots and are trying to get them to be more like humans, they say no, but there is a moral computer that has been made that you can ask questions and they are seeing if the computer can be taught moral code by analyzing data. Why would this be? They say AI will always have human control but, doesn’t this finding show they have a bigger plan in mind? Are we giving them permission with the conveniences we are getting use to? We are relying on technology so much, are we giving the powers that be the green light to subduing us? Counting on the screens and meds to find happiness rather than learning what we are and tapping into the energy? What if school was about being human rather than memorizing facts? What makes us special is Love and our imagination. Sidenote, love is always about what you are emitting rather than the other person. It’s the love that will keep us different than robots. There is so much to get into so I will have more conversation about this, I am not against technology, I wouldn’t be able to do this if not for it, but I do feel the rumblings of Zombieland coming if we don’t take the time to find out what and who we are one person at a time, ask just ask the sky and see what answers come to you. IG: @RandomIshwithSonja Watch on MBE on Roku and MBE on Firestick