From Dream to Lucid to Astral


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I love the way my dreaming mind helps me out when I want to get to the astral. There are several signs that it uses to try and wake me up in a dream. This is one that I have experienced a few times. I was in a lift with 2 or 3 other people, it was flying out of control a bit like the one in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the lift sort of shot out of a building. Seeing myself in a potentially dangerous situation often seems to wake me up in the dream, my dreaming mind has used the Willie Wonka scene on other occasions. In the dream we were flying through the air in the lift extremely fast, I felt it was a dangerous situation and at that point I became lucid, I said to the people with me, ‘it’s ok this is a dream and now I’m off to the astral.’

I immediately found myself flying in an expanse of what you might call sky though it wasn’t really sky, it was dark but pleasantly so and there were stars, I was moving so fast and I felt so full of energy and joy. I decided to stop and looked at my hands I never get tired of watching them warp and change shape, this time they were almost transparent with green energy around them, my fingers elongated and disappeared, it was fascinating. I gathered my thoughts and looked around me, I saw other people who I knew were also out- of-body. There were a couple who I felt were from Northern Europe I went over to them and asked them and they confirmed my thoughts, I then asked them what year they were from and they said 1993, I told them I was from 2021. I talked to a few others one from 1942 and another from 1920 I believe, for although in the OBE I repeated the years over and over to myself to be sure to remember, the only one I can be sure about is 1993. However, the other 2 years were definitely what we would call the past. I thought about what I could tell the Northern European couple about what their future would hold but at the time I couldn’t remember anything of note, which seems a bit silly now, how many things have happened since 1993. Maybe I wasn’t meant to say anything as it may not have even been their timeline or reality. My memory has a bit of a gap in it about what happened next. I somehow felt very deep within the expanse, I remember walking along a tunnel, we were all in a tunnel trying to find our way out, it wasn’t scary it just felt like a part of the process. This is all I could remember except that the lift dream repeated itself though I don’t remember what happened the 2nd time round.

One of the things that strikes me when I return to my body after an OBE is how detached I feel from life on Earth while I’m in the astral, refreshingly so actually with all the stuff that goes on here. It’s as if there is less emotional attachment, some people ask me why I don’t go in search of a cure for some of the illnesses we have here but when I’m out there the thought doesn’t enter my mind. I rather think that the answer to curing our health issues goes deeper than simply finding an external cure that we can take into our bodies. Maybe the answer to all our problems lies inside and each of us have to search within rather than waiting for someone to deliver it to us on a plate, we have to find the way out of our own problems, just like being the the tunnel in the experience I talked about earlier, we have to find our way out, it is all part of a process.

Thank you for listening/reading.