How to go from a Lucid Dream to the Astral


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Many of my astral experiences have their beginning in a lucid dream, in my opinion it is the easiest way to get into the astral, as the process is not so ‘shocking’. By this I mean that you don’t experience the vibrational state. I have only experienced the famous vibrations once because I asked to, I was curious as to what they were like, however, when I leave my body from the mind awake body asleep state I only feel a slight tingling sensation. So if the vibrations do disturb you then going into the astral from a lucid dream may be the best technique for you.

When I started my inner journey I started off with lucid dreaming, I spent every night practicing lucid dreaming techniques whenever I woke up, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t but I kept trying. In the end it was a lucid dreaming technique which led me to my first OBE, the technique I was using is also an OBE technique so what happened isn’t really surprising. I was trying to keep my mind awake while I fell asleep so I could go straight into a lucid dream however instead I found myself floating above my body. There is nothing like the feeling of letting your body go to sleep while your mind stays awake during the whole process, it is incredible but not always easy and sometimes it can interfere with your sleep if you try too hard for too long, I know someone who used to take 3 hours of practicing before having an experience, and it didn’t always happen. Spending all this time is really not practical for many people as reducing sleep time may not be very healthy this is why going into the astral from a lucid dream is a valuable technique.

The key is to program yourself to wake up in a dream and this can take some time, so you have to be dedicated and consistent in your practice, repetition is how we learn how to do things, it’s how we remember things, it’s how things become automatic. One technique you can use is, at regular times during the day ask yourself if you are dreaming, the answer will be no, but if you do it often enough you will end up also asking yourself the same question in your dream and the answer will be yes and you will become aware. Or you can look at your hands and ask yourself if you are dreaming again if you do this often enough during the day you will eventually do it in your dreams too.

You may have dream signs, things that tend to wake me up in a dream are windows that are high up, windows and doors in dreams are often a way through into the astral if that is your intent. Being high up is also another sign that wakes me up as I love flying in dreams and in the astral, it gives me such a feeling of freedom and it is that feeling I get when I find myself high up in a dream, I want to fly off the cliff or the building etc and I realise that I can because I am dreaming and I instantly become aware.

Another sign that my dreaming mind uses to wake me up is not being able to remember how I got somewhere, I ask myself ‘how did I get here’ and when I can’t remember I instantly become aware. In other podcast episodes I’ve mentioned how being in a dangerous situation often makes me lucid as I realise that I can’t be hurt as it is a dream, with this thought I become aware.

Once you are lucid in a dream you simply have to set the intention to go into the astral, I usually fly up in the air very fast, sometimes there is a window to fly through or some sort of portal, sometimes the dream just disappears. You have to know that you are going into the astral, intend and know, there must be no doubt.

The great thing about this technique to astral project is that you don’t lose any sleep while trying, you just have to go to sleep and dream, of course as I said earlier there’s nothing like the experience of actually stepping out of your physical body but at the same time sleep is important for our health so this method does save your sleep hours.

I had an interesting experiences a few days ago into the astral from a lucid dream. I was in a dream and I came to a house, however I didn’t remember at all how I got there or even where I was. This immediately woke me up in the dream, I started floating and the dream just dissolved, I realised I was in the astral, I really felt like a good fly through forests and over mountains and sea, given the situation the world is in at the moment these moments of total freedom are so therapeutic. However, wherever I flew there were buildings, and towns and built up areas, this went on for a long time. I met a couple of guys who were also out-of-body but I don’t remember what we spoke about. I decided I needed to speak to someone spiritual, I wanted some answers about the present situation on the Earth. I asked someone where the ‘spiritual people’ were. A lady pointed down a road and I looked down it, I said ‘I will recognise the place when I see it’. She then told me to be careful as it was no longer a case of a 2-way division between light and dark, between the spiritual and the darkness, she said that the spiritual were also divided. Then I woke up.

Interesting about the spiritual being divided, we are experiencing a lot of division lately in our world and it is very sad, however whatever happens it is important to stay centered, calm and not give in to fear. Fear comes up a lot in my book ‘Astral Dancer’ I am presently in the process of republishing it, it has been re-edited and a few words added at the beginning and end. The second edition will be released on 27th August and is now available as a pre-order on Kindle at a reduced price. If you pre-order you can purchase it for about a dollar, I set the price at 99 cents but I believe Amazon adds VAT so up until the release date you can get the Kindle version for less than the price of a coffee. If you go into Kindle books and google Astral Dancer – Astral Projection Stories it will come up or go to my site and you can get the link there from the front page of the site. (link below)

Astral Dancer – Astral Projection Stories

‘Astral Dancer’ is in two parts, the first describes dreams and astral adventures that lead to me meeting another incarnation, and the second part deals with experiences where I helped people stuck in their earth trauma unable to move on, these ‘astral projection stories’ show how we are never alone, however desperate our situation may be. It is not a book about techniques but about my own experiences it is particularly fascinating as I was in contact intuitively with another incarnation and also met with him in OBEs. The first part of the book we write together.

Anyway take advantage of the pre-order offer, as the price will go up by a few dollars once it is released. When I reread the book I’m still blown away by what happened, by the way physical life, dreams, lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences all bleed over into one another. Anyway takes for being here with me today, happy travels and I’ll see you next time. Bye for now,