Prison of Our Own Making


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27th February 2022

I woke up during the night, repeated the affirmation, ‘Now I’m out of body’ a few times and went back to sleep, I start dreaming then in the dream I see a door and I go through it, I immediately become lucid and know I am in the astral, I know I’m not in a lucid dream as the atmosphere is very different. I find when using the affirmation ‘Now I’m out-of-body’ often that’s exactly what happens, I switch from one moment to the next, from dreaming to the astral as the affirmation demands.

I’m flying in this wonderful place the atmosphere is so warm and loving, it feels wonderful, there is a beautiful blue sky and there is a child below me playing ball. I feel I would like to stay there but there is work to be done and I say to my higher self ‘take me where I need to be, where I can do the most for humanity,’ I am whisked off and the atmosphere changes dramatically to one of dim light, dull colours and I find myself in a prison built of stone, the stone is damp, children are in prison too but to a lesser degree than the adults, the adults are closed in rooms with only a barred window in the door and they are peering out, there are children outside the rooms just sitting, though it is all a prison.

I don’t remember anything more after that, I think I just woke up.

A fairly short experience but such a contrast between the two places, one beautiful, warm and loving, outside in nature, the other inside cold damp stone. In the first there is a child playing freely in the second no one is playing but stark faces look through bars. Maybe this is expressing the two different possibilities for humanity, the prison is our own, the one we make for ourselves as we have become so alienated from who we truly are, we are imprisoned by our own limitations and refusal to see the truth of our present existence and how it only adds to our imprisonment. The children sitting outside the rooms reminds me of this quote.

“I believe that this neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.” – John Bradshaw

It’s interesting how the children were not yet behind the bars, though still in the prison maybe because children are freer in their minds, not yet fully moulded by our society and the child playing ball maybe a symbol of how we should become. Just enjoying the simple things in life and not making everything so complicated. Maybe the children not yet behind bars can show the adults the way to freedom.

Maybe our happiness and the way to grow into who we truly are is through the eyes of children, through our inner child, which is found in the heart, through connecting with our inner child we can open the doors to infinity. I’d like to leave you with this quote by Nietzsche.

“We must remain as close to the flowers, the grass, and the butterflies as the child is who is not yet so much taller than they are.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.