We Forget but is Anything Truly Forgotten?


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From August 2016

This morning I had a dream, one of those dreams that stay with you during the day, possibly a recollection of an ‘astral rescue’ brought back in the form of a dream.

This dream is extremely dramatic and heart-wrenching and so very real. I am a child and we are at my old school but I’m not me I am a boy. We are being kept hostage there are a lot of us and the men holding us are crazy as if they are on drugs. They will shoot children on an angry whim. It is terrifying.

One of the men is angry and he notices our group of children, he comes over and gets us all to stand up while he points his gun at us. I know it is my turn as he points his gun at me I know I am about to die. I remember I am wearing a white T-shirt, he is about to pull the trigger and I jump up in the air and shout ‘Thank you Life!’ as I want to thank life for the little I have had. The man fires but it misses me, he shoots again, but misses then he gets distracted.

He then starts firing with a machine gun and we duck, miraculously he missed us all. Then I find myself in a room there is a gap in the wall and there are some people outside, no one knows we are being kept hostage I try to get their attention, at first they think we are joking then we write a big black H for Help on a piece of paper. One of the people is a young man dressed in a black leather jacket and black trousers sitting at a table drinking something in a black mug.

We start to hear voices that aren’t of our captors and we know we are just about to be rescued. The door opens and the police come in, I almost collapse from relief, the emotion is so real, such relief. There is another child with me, my sister in the dream, and we hug crying, then we leave the room. As I walk I see the young man who has rescued us, we smile at each other.

The emotions in this dream are so strong I wake up exhausted.

Looking on internet this morning I thought there might have been a hostage situation somewhere. Then I saw that tomorrow back in 2004 was the first day of the Beslan school tragedy. Consciously I had no idea.

I got to thinking this morning that these events happen and we almost forget completely about them as we get on with our lives, losing ourselves in our own ‘busyness’ however around the time of the anniversary of the event maybe we pick up on the emotion of the people involved and so it looms up in our subconscious.

Furthermore, having experienced the terror in the dream I wonder how many children remained locked in that terror not realising even that they had died, repeating the same scenario over and over. Maybe when people remember these events and tune into the people who have died, then an opening occurs so that guides can get through to reach them and guide them out, like the young man in black who seemed to be waiting for a way to get in. There must be a lot of people in Russia this week thinking back to 1st September 2004 and the people they lost.

The young man in black seemed familiar I felt a strong connection, years ago I had a guide I called the man in black as he was the cool silent type and always in black. This guy seemed a younger version of him, I can’t help thinking that he could have been another version of myself.