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主題: 英語慣用語系列 – 料理相關慣用語 Cooking related Idioms

  1. Half-baked ideas:Ideas which have not been thought out very well.
  • My assistant usually has half-baked ideas but I never discourage her because once in a while she thinks of something brilliant.
  • I have to admit my suggestion was a half-baked idea. I didn't think of the complications or downsides and it's cost me a lot of headaches and money.
  1. Stir the pot: To deliberately try to make a situation/people more tense and upset.
  • My annoying friend was always trying to stir the pot and I really hated the drama.
  • Please don't invite the marketing director to this meeting. He's very critical and always tries to stir the pot.
  1. Cook the books: To falsify the financial figures of a company's accounting books.
  • She used to work in our finance department but she was convicted of fraud and cooking the books.
  • I think our company is being investigated for cooking the books.
  • Believe me, if you cook the books it will only get worse later on.
  1. Butter someone up: To praise, flatter or be very nice to someone so they will do something you want.
  • Stop trying to butter me up. I already told you that I'm not buying you a new iPhone.
  • It's embarrassing how Sandra keeps trying to butter up our boss. She would be better off if she just did her work.
  • I have to admit I love it when my boyfriend butters me up.
  1. Grill someone: To interrogate or intensely question someone in order to try to get a confession or answers.
  • My parents keep grilling me about what we did Saturday night but I keep telling them that we stayed at your house and watched movies.
  • Doesn't it annoy you that your boyfriend is always grilling you about what you do when you're apart?



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