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- Special guests: Hide from HY & Masato Kanai from Big Mama- New [Alexandros] single in August- The Legend of Tarzan soundtrack- Shoutout from movie director David Yates- Favourite ice cream flavour?- J-Rock Charts Update- Taiwanese band MAYDAY由Alexandros podcast
Are you an aspiring bass player? Lucky for you, our resident host and bass player Hiro fills you in on what you need to know to get started. The boys also explain how their Law studies help them out in everyday life (or not). Also Yohei and Hiro can't wait to let you in on their big news!由Alexandros podcast
The boys of [Alexandros] will soon be Kings of Osaka Castle as they get ready for their upcoming VIP party concert. Yohei and Hiro also fill us in on how they celebrated Father's Day, their favourite tracks to perform live, and give advice on marriage proposals!由Alexandros podcast
Something has Hiro very excited this week - tune in to find out what it is! Join Yohei and Hiro as they talk us through their recent shows at Million Rock Festival in Kanazawa and their double-headline show with Ling Tosite Sigure. Plus find out what the boys were like as kids; and how different artforms influence their music.…
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