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更多问题/每日朋友圈更新 注意:不要说学英语或喜欢英文相关内容;尽量避免 If I spent too much time on it, I would…. 虚拟注意时态;如果花太多时间…就会… I do not like that at all 根本不喜欢 This would help me a lot 对我帮助很大由雅思口语家森Jason
更多文本/每天朋友圈更新 Currently I am at work 我上班啦 Now I am a university student and I major in 学中文的大学生 I can do something I like 做喜欢的事儿 I could travel to anywhere I want 去想去的地儿 Without thinking too much about 不需要考虑太多…由雅思口语家森Jason
更多问题/每日朋友圈更新 Formally named 正式的名字是 The voice was different, not very clear voice 声音特别,吐字不清 Keep positive to life 保持生活热爱 Indeed 真的 Workload and pressure from life 工作压力和生活压力 The symbol of life 生活的符号由雅思口语家森Jason
更多问题/每日朋友圈更新 Put on earphone then the soft music would be with me all the time 戴上耳机轻音乐萦绕 Effectively and efficiently 效果显著 Be fascinated by 被…吸引入迷 Secret weapon 秘密武器 One slight problem 小问题由雅思口语家森Jason
考官v.s.学生 1. Where are you from? : China / 你来自哪里?:中国 2. What kind of food should I try in China?: Chinese food / 去中国应该吃什么呢?:中国菜 3. What is the best time to visit ur country? : Lunch time/ 最好是什么时候去呢?:饭点儿 4. What do you like to do? : I like to sleep/ 你平时喜欢干嘛?:睡觉 5. What do you do with your free time? I sleep with my free time/ 你业余时间都干嘛?:我和业余时间一起睡觉 6. …
在雅思考试中绝对不要承认的身份or专业(2022新) 更多文本/每日朋友圈更新 1. 在Part1环节中 考官提问你工作or学生 绝对不要说和English相关内容 2. 不要说自己是英语老师 3. 不要说自己是英语专业 提升难度和评判标准 同样7.0 对你的要求更苛刻由雅思口语家森Jason
更多问题/每日朋友圈更新 1. 雅思考试一进门就已经开始 5.5很早被贴上标签 Do you have your cellphone with you? No, I don’t 这是标准回答 2. 有时候更改 Did you leave your cellphone in your bag? 如果你是靠背诵的 你说No, I didn't 就露馅了 No means you didn't leave your cellphone in your bag? 被发现背诵就完蛋啦由雅思口语家森Jason
更多文本/每日朋友圈更新 1. 摆正位置 你是花Money去考试的,应该是他给你好感而不是你给他;觉得考官不认真or有情绪你可以投su的 2. 英语水平决定分数 你如果可以说的很地道,你一边生气一边回答都可以高分 3. 不要背诵模板 尤其P2由雅思口语家森Jason
更多文本/每日朋友圈更新 That car could take me to any places that I want 车子可以带我去任何想去的地方 It(The zoo) was located in the countryside 动物园在郊区 That Driver 开车的人 Spend some time with 与...一起的时光由雅思口语家森Jason
更多文本/每日朋友圈更新 He used to be quite overweight 他过去是一个胖胖 Much fat and calories 高热量高脂肪 Go for a walk each day 每天都散步 He was energetic 那时候他很有动力 Reasonable price 合理的价格 Toxins 毒素由雅思口语家森Jason
Part3提示词 Thanks to the Internet and public transport 感谢互联网和公共交通 Go anywhere they want today 想去哪儿都行现在 It is user-friendly 方便的 Take us to the corner of the world 带我们去天涯海角 更多文本/关注每日朋友圈更新由雅思口语家森Jason
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