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Canada’s worst shooting spree in modern history has left us with far more questions than answers. Journey inside every single hour of this tragedy as it happened with Global News Halifax reporter Sarah Ritchie. This 13-part true crime series will try to piece together exactly what happened and what could or should have been done to prevent it.
The Research Nova Scotia Podcast brings research to you. Listen along as we speak with talented researchers from across Nova Scotia and learn how their work is impacting our communities and beyond. Research Nova Scotia is an independent, not-for-profit corporation with the mandate to support, organize and co-ordinate the funding of research in Nova Scotia. RNS was established to enhance research capacity, as well as align research funding, with provincial priorities and promotes a mission-or ...
Joseph Howe (1804-1873) was one of Nova Scotia's greatest and best-loved politicians. He was instrumental in helping Nova Scotia become the first British colony to win responsible government in 1848. A Liberal, he fought against Canadian Confederation. This work highlights his life and causes. - Summary by TriciaG
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There's a big job ahead to fill jobs in the construction industry in Nova Scotia. We ask Duncan Williams, President of the Construction Association of NS, about their plan to reach out to young people and people from diverse backgrounds to address a need for more construction workers in the coming decade.…
Students in Eskasoni and Membertou may have drifted off last night, with dreams of being an astronaut... or maybe pursuing a career in science. Yesterday, they were treated to a special, private presentation from Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen. He is one of Canada's four current astronauts.
The Acadian Federation is launching legal action arguing that Cheticamp is an exceptional region that deserves special treatment in the legislature - with its own provincial electoral district and MLA. Kenneth Deveau is the President of the Acadian Federation of NS.
Time for the Information Morning Issue Panel... today, we find out how our collection of Cape Breton commentators thinks the province handled the third wave, and school re-openings. Lawyers Anna Manley and Candee McCarthy along with physician, Chris Milburn, offer their opinions.
Salmon sleuthing... a new Department of Fisheries and Oceans study looks at where salmon go once they're offshore. Current Affairs correspondent Brittany Wentzell reports on the salmon-tagging program in Cape Breton aimed at solving a significant mystery about the pattern of salmon migration.
The warm weather may have you thinking about taking a road trip. Well, Helen Earley has 25 suggestions on where to take your family on such a trip this summer in Nova Scotia. She is author of a new book - "25 Family Adventures in Nova Scotia: Making the Most of Your Travels with Kids"
Marlene Usher, the CEO of the Port of Sydney Development Corporation, tells us about plans to add more retail outlets on the boardwalk. The proposed development called "Fisherman's Cove" will add a new retail area near the Big Fiddle.
On the first Monday of every month, our bird experts Dave Harris and Dave McCorquodale join us to take your calls, questions and observations about wild birds in Cape Breton. Dave Harris is a wildlife biologist and a retired manager at NS Lands & Forestry. Dave McCorquodale is a Professor of Biology at CBU.…
A feature conversation with Denise Toney of Eskasoni who had three family members taken away to the residential school in Shubenacadie... one of whom never came back... and her family still has unanswered questions about how and where she died.
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