Ep.13 Bee Movie


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Shortly after the final episode Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld was sitting around one day and started thinking to himself…
“What is the deal with bees? Why are they so obsessed with honey? They know the beekeeper is going to come take it away, yet they continue to produce it. I think it’s time the bees did something for themselves for a change. I think they ought to make a bee movie.”
Seinfeld laughed at himself for about five minutes for making such a clever pun on B movies. Then he set to work with Steven Spielberg on Bee Movie, an animated, feature-length film.
Jason: So, uh, Seinfeld, you know just did this Bee Movie...
Mason: Yeah, the Bee Movie thing.
Jason: I totally didn’t see that coming after his sit-com, that he was going to do an animated film.
Mason: Yeah, I don’t know…
Jason: But he said it was actually way harder than doing the sit-com because he said making a movie like that is essentially doing the pilot and the final episode in the same sitting, which is the two hardest things to write for a sit-com.
Mason: Yeah, honestly, it didn’t seem like a movie I wanted to see. But I remember one of the first trailer kind of things that came out, they had…The live-action dressed up everybody in costumes. Like Jerry Seinfeld dressed in a bee costume.
Jason: Oh my goodness!
Mason: And they made this giant windshield and it was like bugs getting stuck on the windshield of a car driving was kind of the set-up. It was really cool. Almost had kind of a Michel Gondry sort of feel. That real set, very stage theater-oriented.
Jason: They should have done the whole movie like that. I would love to see…
Mason: That would have been a better movie.
Jason: ...uh…
Mason: Jerry Seinfeld?
Jason: Jerry Seinfeld in a bee outfit. That would be an awesome movie.
Like many Seinfeld fans, Jason didn’t guess that after his TV show ended, the comedian would produce an animated movie. Jason has read interviews with Seinfeld that said that the movie was harder to write than the sit-com.
Mason doesn’t think Bee Movie looks very good. But he saw a trailer for it in which Seinfeld was dressed in a bee costume. Jason and Mason agree that Seinfeld in a bee costume would make any movie better.
What actor would you most like to see in a bee costume?
❶ Bee Movie is…

  • ...a movie about bees. ✓
  • ...a B movie.
  • Both

❷ Jerry Seinfeld is most famous for…

  • Bee Movie.
  • his sit-com. ✓
  • stand-up comedy.
  • writing.

❸ In the trailer Mason saw, where were the bees supposed to be?

  • In a movie
  • Driving a car
  • Smashed on a windsheild ✓

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