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Calm Pills are ad-free, multi-artist ambient albums, seamlessly mixed to help with relaxation, meditation, reading or deep sleep. Mostly consisting of instrumental ambient sounds, natural soundscapes and soft piano music, these mixes will help you completely relax your mind and body. Also available as online radio and through Alexa or Google smart speakers:
Chill Pills are ad-free, multi-artist chillout albums, seamlessly mixed to deliver a dose of happiness with every listen. Curated from wide variety of downtempo, vocal and instrumental chill out, lofi chillhop, lounge, modern classical and ambient sounds. Also available as online radio or through Alexa or Google smart speakers:
Ambient podcasts

Ambient podcasts

Birdon / Ведун / Demy Ottens

Rana / Ведун / Birdon / RD-171/ Rana: Demy Ottens & Veerle Nanna All music is, or will be available on Astrarium records via Bandcamp. Go to for your copy “Expression through sound” Other labels: Corpus black Stripped Kusiya Picche records Pinksilve Latrodect records Silver screen recordings Materia Nigra For podcasts:
I create sound collages and experimental noisescapes/musical-improvisation/audio-tinkerings - interweaving influences and inspiration from many sources including field recordings, sound design, techno and ambient. A lifelong audio fanatic and ex DJ, I am also an artist with a degree in fine & applied art. I create my pieces using various software on both iOS and OS X platforms. Thanks for visiting my page...
O Ambientalidades é o podcast do projeto Impacto Ambiental, da FAAC/Unesp Bauru. Nosso objetivo é produzir uma fonte de informação e debate agradável sobre temas ambientais para que possamos nos conectar com o público e a sociedade. Este foi um projeto experimental de conclusão de curso do aluno João Pedro Ferreira de Paula e após uma longa pausa o Ambientalidades está de volta! Não deixe de visitar o nosso site:
Here is a new season of "Ambientia" - Each episode we will explore the music of other Ambient artists - from pioneers to my personal favorites; from abstract to inspirational - this new season will cover it all. We are now taking off to Other Worlds!
Most of my music[s] are of the cinematic nature. If you need something, please contact me so we can partner on a project. I mix music as much for self-expression and keeping my mind sharp because it’s simply etched into My soul. Much Love!!So please enjoy!! Part of the Code5VGaming Crew! ASCAP #1088694896
The Ambient Soundbath Podcast was designed to give listeners a space for thinking and being. Whether listening with headphones or in the open air, the Ambient Soundbath Podcast aims to create a relaxing listening experience for meditation and sleep. The Ambient Soundbath Podcast features the music of a variety of artists and is produced and distributed by Matt Borghi.
A podcast about VUX and startups. ambiently is a startup focusing on voice user experience (VUX). Follow our journey as we experience the ups and downs of starting a new business. Podcasts will cover a wide range of topics from enrepreneurship to market positioning to VUX adoption - and more!
A veces nos parece que el cuidado de la Tierra es algo que nos queda lejos. Sí, sabemos que ya estamos sufriendo las consecuencias de los daños al medio ambiente, pero de todos modos pensamos que nosotros no podemos hacer nada para cambiar la situación. Sin embargo, es nuestro consumo el que está poniendo en jaque al planeta. Y hay formas de que eso cambie. Esto es Sonido Ambiente, el podcast de Greenpeace Andino en el que buscamos entender cómo asumir un consumo responsable a través de dist ...
NEW LP OUT ON ROSSO CORSA ! Centric81 creates pieces full of sonic terrain covering cinematic, retro-themed ambient and down tempo tracks that encompass both ethereal and darker vibes. Each track takes the listener through a journey of sound, some energetic and some more mesmerizing and chilled.
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Tracklista: 01. The Qualitons - Aua (kezdődött: 00:00:42) 02. Chicosci - January Days (kezdődött: 00:05:03) 03. The Amygdala - Pando (kezdődött: 00:07:23) 04. MC Marcinho & DJ Marlboro - Linda (kezdődött: 00:08:43) 05. The Amygdala - Pando (kezdődött: 00:10:23) 06. Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel (Spencer & Hill Remix) (kezdődött: 00:15:43) 07. 冷漠 - 芙蓉…
8-years anniversary episode Leaving Laurel - Through & Through (LL Mix) Leaving Laurel - Winter In The Woods Var Sofandi - Tundra Nourey - Outer Reach Grum - A Comforting Illusion PBSR - Dreamtime Grum - Clarity Martin Roth - Pillow Talk Nikola Melnikov - Break Free Oona Dahl and Giddyhead - Astral Realm Olan - Push CRi - Flutes Croquet Club - Nigh…
Dark Ambient Atmospheres Ep93 - Experimental Electronic Music - Avantgarde - Noise - Ethereal Mix Taylor Deupree - Worn Numina & Caul - Withdrawn Ephemeral Mists - Where the Wind is Born Franz Kirmann - With Such Sweet Despair Jacaszek - Windhover Brett Rosenberg - Who's There? Abandoned Toys - Where Red S…
Summer 2022 - so let's celebrate!Peace and LovedgIn The Beginning - Kalya Scintilla Louden - Celtic Cross Sweet Sirenes - Saafi Brothers Dr. Who - Delia Derbyshire Sleepwalker Part One - Younger Brother Metamorph - Tor.Ma In Dub Ambush (feat. Zig Zag) - Molecule Sweet Message (feat. Charlelie Couture) - Molecule Into The Water - Tor.Ma In Dub The N… “Here is your last chance to escape the mundane billowing smoke ascends ahead the arrival of the final train Plan, if you can, a momentous ride in the darkness of yearning, strength resides sketched from dreams by a moving hand quickly board the impatient train Conjure a life beyond the nar… “Cold and drifting, nothingness and floating, swimming through zero gravity, A thought emerges slowly, drudging through the whale’s mind. “What is this..?” This lonesome earth is not my home I’m just wanderin’ through I’m waiting on my chariot ride To home beyond the blue. What splendor ther…
Jim Billbrough and Bob Familiar, the production team behind Ambient Arcana, talk about the Pu Songling episodes and try to define what the hell they’re trying to do with this podcasting thing. Is it music with storytelling, or story telling with music? Is it unintentional ASMR? A weak attempt at scary bedtime stories? A sad grasp towards artistic r…
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