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China's leading baseball, football and hockey podcast from 9 knowledgable and passionate North American sports fans. Covers NFL, MLB, NHL and other professional leagues in Chinese, along with everything happening related to the three sports in China. Updates weekly plus nonscheduled special episodes.
Podcast started by three young passionate basketball fans talking about the hottest NBA news. 這是一個由三位對於NBA充滿熱忱的球迷一起成立的Podcast 三位都曾經出國留學,分散在美國東部和中部。希望用輕鬆幽默的聊天方式在Podcast讓更多不認識NBA的台灣人感受到籃球的熱血! Young | Jack | Godwin Powered by Firstory Hosting
從台灣到美國,兩個個性、想法和經歷截然不同的女孩,Sharon 和 Stephanie,透過這個平台分享二十幾歲的她們不同的故事。內容不限但包含身為留學生的經驗,在美國的日常生活,在美國求職的心路歷程,男女交往感情問題,友情的學問等等。讓他們的聲音帶我們體驗一場台灣女孩生活在美國加州的生活故事。A new Asian immigrant millennial female podcast hosted by Stephanie and Sharon, two new Asian immigrant girls in their 20s talking about our experience in school, daily-life, career, friendship, dating and many more from a new immigrant Asian girls’ perspective, we want to invite listeners into our once private girl session about living and worki ...
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你有過成為飛行員的夢想嗎?瑞典公司Jetson可以讓你夢想成真。他們推出的民用單座飛行器最高時速每小時102公里,可承載一個體重至95公斤的飛行員,配備降落傘,讓駕駛者更能安心飛行。售價9.2萬美元,你想不想買一臺試試看呢?由DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
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