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The coldest winter time in this century 这个世纪最冷的冬天 I am a bit scared of cold days 我害怕冷天 Totally shocked 完全震惊 The temperature falls below zero 气温零度以下 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
In front of my mom 在我妈妈面前 I couldn't make it very soon 不能很快搞定 I was not used to this new lifestyle 新的生活方式我不太适应 Give up; Get rid of ; Say no 拒绝 更多文本解答以及留学申请/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
Describe a health problem you once had You should say What sickness/ disease you suffered from When and where this happened How you felt it And explain how you recovered from that Describe the first day of school You should say: When it was What it was like What happened on that day And how you felt during that day Describe a piece of international…
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