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Brought to you by This podcast is geared to help parents teach young kids Mandarin Chinese. This podcast might best be suited for children that already have exposure to Chinese (such as kids who go to Chinese school or whose parents speak Chinese to them) but anybody might enjoy it! We try to make it fun and hope you like it! Our blog is full of resources to help parents teach their kids Chinese in addition to this podcast.
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Personal experiences of how to lose weight properly 成功瘦身的个人经验 A secret part of my life 我的秘密 Lots of people today are suffering from overweight problems 许多人有体重问题的困扰 Related to 相关的 Based on 基于的 更多文本/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
How to spend money wisely 正确处理财务 It seems easy but actually it is quite hard to get 看起来简单其实挺难学的 That I have mentioned above 上面我提到过的 This phenomenon 这个现象 更多文本/关注每日朋友圈更新由英语口语家森Jason
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