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Connor’s Controversial Conversation is a podcast series that presents a new controversial topic every week, filled with information, stories, and interviews. Connor hopes to find answers and explore the controversial side of topics that are popular in society and media today. From debating gun control to finding out if a hotdog really is a sandwich, this podcast is captivating and has something for all ages. Cover art photo provided by Ian Robinson on Unsplash:
Welcome to Controversial Figures; a podcast about intriguing figures in the media. Created by Tammy Hawkins. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a 5 star rating and comment; and subscribe to the show so you never miss a new episode. I've created this podcast with no sponsor; it would mean the world to me if you visit Patreon and donate anything you can, so I can continue bringing new content regularly.
Japan is a prime example of collectivist culture while western countries put emphasis on the individual - such polar opposite mindsets. Misunderstandings and confusions are bound to happen when these two perspectives collide. Every episode we unpack one controversial opinion about the Japanese mindset, culture, and custom through stories and interviews. Join host Kaho Koda as she dives into her own culture and attempts to make sense of the disconnect between the Japanese and Western point of ...
Here you can listen to our weekly show "Who Do You Think You Are?" as the husband and wife team Byron and Susan Dyess along with Jeff Duke take on some of the most controversial cultured topics and navigate you through the shark infested waters so that you can reach your destination unscathed.
This simple, raw and empowering podcast combines the perspective of David Duley, the author of I Can Fix America, with New York Times best selling author Robb Wolf in an engaging format to challenge the the "sacred" truths of our society and culture, and look for solutions that almost any American can implement to make America great again.
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Patrick joins me to discuss inventions and Sex Positive Trotskyism. This wasn't announced when we recorded so it didn't get plugged but buy tickets to the PAL live show. I'll be there as an added bonus, not on stage or anything, just drinking vanilla coke out of a camelbak by myself as I watch the show…
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