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At EPCC, we really love the bible, we believe it's true, and we're convinced it's the only sure guide to salvation and true life. Each week, a large portion of our worship service is devoted to understanding and applying the word of God. Whether you missed a sermon, want to hear one again, or want to check out what our sermons are like, we pray that you are edified and challenged by exposition of God's word.
La Iglesia Presbiteriana Westminster (IPW) es la primera iglesia en Puerto Rico de la denominación Iglesia Presbiteriana Evangélica (EPC), denominación presbiteriana con base en los Estados Unidos de América (EUA). Somos presbiterianos en nuestra forma de gobierno, reformados en nuestro fundamento teológico y evangélicos en nuestro enfoque de llevar a cabo la gran comisión que nos diera nuestro Señor Jesucristo de predicar el Evangelio en todas partes. Nuestra iglesia está compuesta por una ...
Like a grand and miraculous spaceship, our podcast has sailed through the internet. And for a brief moment, we have been among its many passengers. From the very beginning, we have always sought to reach out to one another. To communicate...about Walt Disney World mostly, sometimes Disneyland, and maybe a Disney movie or two.
EPCC and the MSc in High Performance Computing run an annual Guest Lecture series, with speakers drawn from industry and academia. Talks focus on state-of-the-art applications of HPC in real world situations, with many reflecting the type of work our MSc students will undertake after graduation.www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/msc twitter.com/#!/EPCCedinburgh
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Have you become paranoid about what “they” know about you – that is, if you spend any time at all online? Well, its been said, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!” Robert Knuth reminds us of the fact that God know everything, that’s E V E R Y T H I N G about you. His sermon based on Psalm 139 is quite amazing, sin…
"La Muerte de Jesús Desde la Perspectiva Romana" Marcos 15:25-27 “La Muerte de Jesús Desde la Perspectiva Judía” Marcos 15:21-41 “La Muerte de Jesús Desde la Perspectiva de la Iglesia” Hechos 2:22-24 Support the show (https://www.ipwbpr.org/cont-ctanos)由IPW
In all the gospel narratives the issue of fear is addressed by Jesus and heavenly messengers (angels). We hear things like “Fear not”, “Do not be afraid!”; “…and the doors were locked because they were afraid.” Fear has been with the human race since the garden of Eden. But what does Easter have to do with fear? In his sermon, Martin Rossol, wants …
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