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我们能找到的最佳的Faith播客 (已更新 August 2020)
已更新 August 2020
今天就加入到数百万的Player FM用户中,随时随地获得 新闻和见解,即使在离线状态下也是如此。使用永远拒绝妥协的免费播客应用程序,使播客更智能。来吧!
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Christian Life and Hope... Search for meaning of life and GOD ! Cure of loneliness ... 當一名基督徒該有的知識: 1. 讀經分享 2. 祈禱與靈修 3. 人生哲學 4. 信仰經驗分享 Let's chat and have joyful time togather. we will discuss in religion and philosophy subjects....please stay tuned. Please donate money ... >劃撥帳號: 50186732 龍仁揮.
Mandarin Podcast. Updated periodically, each podcast is a spirit filled, life changing message for all. Subscribe to the podcast to insure you don’t miss a single episode. Pastor Lao is Senior Pastor of New Hope International church. Ps. Varun graduated number one in his class from King Chulalongkorn Royal University's Medical school in Bangkok, Thailand. After practicing as a neurosurgeon and pastoring at a church in Central Thailand for 3 years, he came to the United States in 1988 to stud ...
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