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我们可以找到的最佳Final Fantasy播客
我们可以找到的最佳Final Fantasy播客
Join the fun, feel the thrill of adventure and live your fantasy through podcasts about this Square Enix-produced RPG series that popularized characters like Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Bahamut, Vivi, the moogles and the chocobos. Presenting news, reviews, walkthroughs and round table discussions, these podcasts will make you fall in love even more with FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, FFXV and all other Final Fantasy releases.

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週末講講商業床邊故事與冷知識,週三聊聊商業新聞與企業動態。 |聯繫我們| 商業午茶Email 商業午茶Facebook 商業午茶Instagram Powered by Firstory Hosting
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📌不專業午茶lesson📌 Air Rage (n.) 空中暴力:又稱為機艙症候群或空怒症,指在飛機行進時產生莫名的緊張,導致情緒失控而不守規矩的乘客行為。 ⚠︎本集節目直擊人性黑暗的逆反心理,身心不適者可以按靜音收聽。 Powered by Firstory Hosting
✏️封面照之跑步機非當事跑步機。 ✏️商業午茶最喜歡,但是榜上沒有名的開場是 Tom Scott’s, “Ladies, gentlemen, and all in between.” ✏️詳細ㄉgreeting排名可以看這裡: Powered by Firstory Hosting
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