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About pronunciation and stress1.用IPA(國際音標)時如何把一個字分拆,學習發音?答:(1)可在每一個vowel(母音)把音節分析(2)練習時,慢一點發每一個音節,然後把每一個音節串起來讀。2.為何“packet”及“monkey”的尾音同是/I/,兩個尾音卻有差異?答:原因是“packet”的尾音是/kit/,“t”影響了/I/的發音,而“monkey”的“y”影響了/I/,尾音變得稍長。注意:一般多個音節(syllables)的...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful words:insurance 保險、oil / petrol prices 油價、license 車牌、parking space 車位、tyre wear 車軑磨損、engine won't start 車不能開動、brakes/clutch/accelerator 煞車器/離合器/油門、tiptop condition 狀態良好、probation drivers 新牌司機、overconfident drivers 「大膽」司機、bad drivers 脾氣差,不守規則的司...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful words:participating places(參賽地區) ,Hong Kong(香港), Macau(澳門), Taipei(中華台北), Japan(日本), Korea(韓國), DPR Korea(朝鮮), Mongolia(蒙古), Guam(關島),elite athletes(精英運動員),medals(獎牌),gold(金),silver(銀),bronze(銅),venues(場地),sponsor(贊助者),squash(壁球),hammer throw(擲鏈...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful words: TV games:chat shows(清談節目),game shows(遊戲),reality TV shows(真人騷),education(教育),music(音樂),news and weather(新聞、天氣),Current affairs(時事),drama/soap opera/soaps(電視�肥皂劇),sitcoms(處境喜劇),prime time(黃金時段),melodrama(「婆媽」、煽情的劇集),habitual viewing(慣性收看)由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordsgenre(片種),sci-fi (science-fiction)(科幻片),action/kung-fu(動作片),drama劇情片,thriller(刺激題材),animation(動畫),suspenseful(懸疑的),cat-and-mouse chase(追逐的、如兵捉賊),hilarious(「爆笑的」、熱鬧的),thought provoking / push the boundaries on how we think(發人深省、激發思考的)由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordsSpotless(一塵不染),to remove a stain/mark(去漬/印),To restore/restoration(修復),To maintain/maintenance(維修/保養),Replacement (e.g. of windows)(更換),To repair leaks, cracks(裂縫),Flooring(hardwood, tile...)(地板材料(木板,地磚),Doggy drainage(塞),A handyman(家居維修師傅)由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful words:freshers weeks/orientation(迎新會),freshmen(新生),social life(社交生活),curfew(宵禁、時限),“you never know”(指預計不到的�萬一會發生的),clubs/extra-curricular activities(學會�課外活動),to stand out from the crowd(脫穎而出),to make the most of something(好好珍惜一些事情),bachelor's ...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordsfrom scratch (由頭開始), mentors / big brothers/sisters (學長), bullying(欺負), teasing (取笑), calling names (給人家別名), picking on (挑剔人), chasing games; hide-and-seek (追逐遊戲), marbles (玩波子), red light, green light/grandmother’s footsteps (「紅綠燈」遊戲), p...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful WordsBakery(麵包店),a loaf of bread(一條麵包),donoughs/donuts(冬甩),croissant (牛角包),soft/crispy cookies(軟�脆曲奇餅),home-made(家庭式�自製),desserts(甜品),sweet soups/teas(糖水),pastes (糊),black sesame paste(芝麻糊),chilled(冷�雪藏的),a pinch of salt (少許鹽),aroma(芳香),watery...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Wordstrash, rubbish, garbage, refuse (垃圾), disposal, to dispose of (棄置), to dump (拋), kitchen waste (食物渣滓), plastic bag levy/tax (膠袋稅), landfills (堆填), toxic (有毒的), fluorescent bulbs and lamps (螢光的�光管/燈泡), construction and demolition wastes/de...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Words1. Theatre:Play話劇、舞臺劇 2. Dance:Contemporary dance當代舞蹈, Ballet芭蕾舞3. Opera:Beijing opera京劇4. Music:Chinese Orchestra中樂, Orchestra管絃樂; Chamber Choir室樂合唱團, Solo/soloist獨唱/奏, Duet二重唱/奏5. Art:Paintings 油畫, Crafts 手工藝, Graffiti塗鴉藝術, Inst...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Words1. coughs and colds 咳嗽與傷風, runny nose 流鼻水, to blow your nose擰鼻涕2. dulled hearing, be off the food 聽覺模糊、沒有胃口3. diarrhoea�frequent bowel movements肚瀉4. constipation便泌5. blisters (皮膚上的)水泡6. rashes 紅疹7. (nonsteroidal) creams (不含類...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Words1.Keep going straight on 一直走2.Walk past 行經3.Turn right/left 轉左�右 Types of merchandise in a mall:1. clothes shops/boutique 時裝店2. shoe shops 鞋店3. accessory shop 飾物店4. gadget shop 電子玩意的商舖5. kids'wear童裝 men's wear 男...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful WordsCheck-in and check-out(投宿登記手續�退房手續),deals and offers(特別待遇�優惠),peak season, off peak season(旺季�淡季),amenities(房間設備),coffee maker (咖啡機),iron(熨斗),blow dryer(風筒),free internet connection(免費上網),superior room, premier room, deluxe rooms(高級房間),...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Wordslong haul(長途機),leg room(伸腳的地方),eye mask�ear plugs�neck pillow(眼罩�耳塞�頸枕),duty free(免稅品),turbulence(氣流),seat belt fastened(綁好安全帶),flight attendants or air stewards�stewardesses or hostess�hostesses(機倉服務員),exercise�to wiggle�stretch(活動�擺動�伸展)由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful WordsTrading days 交易日, Stocks 股票, dividend 股息, blue chips 藍籌, red chips/H shares (internationally incorporated Chinese companies) 紅籌股票�生意 stocks/businessPlunge 瀉, fall, drop 跌, sink 沉, soar急升, rise, 升Fluctuate波動, stabilize 回穩Rebound 反彈...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Words hassle (麻煩), pay by phone/cheque/online payment/automatic payment (以電話�支票�網上付賬�自動轉賬), the ATM (自動存提款機), pay cheque (以支票付錢),to budget (預算), tens/scores of (數以十�二十計) , hundreds of (數以百計), thousands of (數以千計), tons of (大量).由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordson behalf of (代表), farewell card/wishes (歡送咭�祝願), to move on to a new position/stage (進入新階段), devotion/dedication (忠誠、全情投入), a great/marvellous/wonderful job (做得非常好), whole-heartedly (衷心地), beloved (至愛), accomplishments (成就), to keep in t...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordsto chair (主持), to close/adjourn a meeting (結束會議), apologies for absence (因事缺席), agenda (議程), to brainstorm (廣東話:“腦震盪”), ballot (暗票), to cast a vote (投票), a motion (動議), to verify (核實), unanimous (一致的), grievance (不滿), minutes (會議紀錄), to a...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordscaller (來電者), receiver (接聽者), etiquette/good manner (禮儀), wrong number (打錯), embarrassing (尷尬), abrupt (突然的�失儀的), informative (資料性的), directory (電話簿), concise (精簡), return your call (覆電話), to put somebody on hold (要對方等待), transfer the cal...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordswalk-in (沒預約), appointment (約見), schedule(d) (工作安排/約見 ), cancel/cancellation (取消), reservations (預訂), identification (身分証明), incoming/outgoing mail, postage (出、入郵件/郵寄), courtesy/courteous (禮待), tactful (得體), to greet (打招呼), to handle enqu...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordscredentials (文憑、証書), track record (戰績), past/previous experience (過往經驗), to attend/go to college/university (讀大專/學), applicant (應徵者), vacancy/position (空缺), internship/placement (實習), proficiency/fluency (能力、水平:尤指語文), theoretical and prac...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Wordsviolate/flout/break laws (觸犯法例), misdemeanor (輕罪), to go/appear in court (出庭)On the road:road markings (馬路上指示), pedestrian streets (行人轉用區), the light/man is red or flashing red(紅燈、轉紅燈) intersections (交通匯點), roundabouts (回旋處).Drivers:t...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordshave got a temperature (發燒), ointment (藥膏), prescription (藥單), injection (打針), tablets (藥片), vaccination (注射疫苗), acute or dull (pain) (劇痛/忍忍作痛), emergency (急症), ward (病房), bandage (繃帶), plaster (膠布), infected (發炎), crutches (拐杖).由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordsCelebrities (公眾人物), break-up/split (分手), to walk away from a relationship(分手/變心), to badmouth (‘唱衰’) to spread rumour (散播謠言), to backbite (中傷), nosy (八卦), gossipmonger (‘是非精’), to talk behind somebody’s back (在別人背後說是非), to overhear (無心聽到)...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Words1.Movies genres (片種):animation (動畫), drama (劇情片), tragedy (悲劇), comedy (喜劇), action (動作片), musical (歌舞片), crime (罪案片).2.Other entertainments (其他娛樂):theme parks (主題公園), roller coasters/scary rides (過山車、刺激機動遊戲), concerts (音樂會/演唱會), cl...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Words the dry cleaner’s (洗衣店) to do the laundry (洗衫), fabrics/materials (布料), in style/in vogue/trendy (時尚的), vaporous dresses (透視、飄逸的裙), Capri trousers (四個骨衭), floral/logo T-shirt (花/圖案T裇) , low-waist shorts/pants (低腰短/長衭), accessories...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful Wordsfireworks (煙花), parades (花車巡遊), countdown (倒數), costume party (化妝舞會), baby shower/bridal shower (預祝嬰兒出生/預祝女士結婚的朋友聚會), pregnant/expecting (懷孕), mother-to-be/expectant mother (懷孕婦女), morning sickness (“作嘔/悶”:懷孕時不適), to go into labour (作動), ...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful wordsOlympics (奧運), stadium (體育館), venue (場地), mascots (吉祥物), equestrian (馬術), slogan (D號), medalists (獎牌得主), to score (入球), to beat/knock out (打敗), end in a draw (和), to head (頂頭鎚), booking (給黄牌、罰), foul (犯規), substitute (後備).由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful words to pack/unpack (收拾行李) night-gear/rain-gear (晚上/下雨必備), toiletries(衛生用品), backpacker (背背包的旅行者), package holiday (旅行套票), hand luggage/carry-on bags (隨身行李), checked baggage (寄倉行李), to clear/get through customs (清/過海關), international/domestic...由Radio Television Hong Kong
Useful words A. RomancesA partner (伴侶), live-in boy/girlfriend (同居男、女友), fiance/ fiancee (末婚夫/妻), a spouse (配偶).To have a crush on somebody (喜歡、暗戀某人) , to go out with/date someone (拍拖、追求), to be in love (熱戀中), to break up/split (分手、廣東話:甩拖), to pr...由Radio Television Hong Kong
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