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In this episode Jackson and Mark discuss the 90's obsession with Eddie Vedder sound a likes, secret messages in Edvard Munch's "The Scream", Al Pacino's Golden Globes, Metallica's awkward Twitch, Citibank's 500 million dollar oopsie, and Mark tries to cancel Curious George.由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
Jackson and Mark discuss the big political news of the past weeks: Bill Belichick turning down the Medal of Freedom. Oh and they talk about the attempted government coup. Also farts, and Denmark's new kid's show. And finally, they celebrate Jackson's one year anniversary of being unemployed.由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
This week, the guys play catch up on the news of the day. Jackson talks about moving house, Mark questions whether "Massachusetts Man" is becoming the new "Florida Man" and both laugh at the impending invasion of the "Puss" Caterpillar. Also Mark's kid puked in his mouth.由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
It's more white guys sharing opinions about topics they can't really understand! Watching live coverage of the Boston protests from Sunday night, Jackson and Mark discuss their views on the situation, and talk with Jackson's dad about his experiences protesting when he was young.由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
The guys are joined this week by a very special guest. The one and only Mike Hsu (WAAF, Breaking The Ice Podcast)gives Jackson and Mark a lesson in radio excellence. Along the way, he drops some nuggets about the radio industry, his experience in podcasting, and the sins of Tom Brady.由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
Still stuck at home, Jackson and Mark talk with a special guest from the front lines of retail, discuss the many uses and shapes of poop, and Mark yells about government. Like a lot of yelling...Watch Jackson and Mark stream live every Saturday on由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
In this episode Jackson shares more adventures from his time on the Howard Stern show, and Mark tells the tale of the drunk chick who keeps climbing on his roof, and once again shows how terrible he is as a person, this time for his dislike of the homeless. Featuring special guest, George Takei...Follow Who Cares?...www.wcwjmpod.comFacebook: @WCwJM…
It's here and it's a big'un, ladies! The boys share some interesting news, and go through a list of excuses as to why they can't keep a schedule. Jackson shares the pain of going through life as a germophobe, pitches Mark on some inventions, and they both discuss the wonderful world of heavy metal.由Who Cares? With Jackson and Mark
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