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Old Friends - dois velhos amigos em tertúlia com outros dois amigos da rádio partilham memórias nunca admitindo que são tudo o que resta. Conversas para a vida entre Manuel Sobrinho Simões, Júlio Machado Vaz, Tiago Alves e Miguel Soares.
Generally acknowledged to be the first sequel to the work of Jane Austen, Old Friends and New Fancies incorporates characters from each of Austen's six major novels into one unified story, as well as those of Brinton's own invention. The novel generally focuses on various parings of lovers and the challenges that their unions create. - Summary by Wikipedia
New Old Friends

New Old Friends

Joseph Padilla & Mike Moreno

What’s up friends! Joseph Padilla and Mike Moreno have joined forces to bring you “New Old Friends”. Life has a funny way of keeping us busy and finding time to keep in touch with friends and family can be hard. We decided to sit down every week and through unfiltered, natural conversation we catch up with old friends and who knows maybe we’ll make new friends in the process! FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: New Old Friends: https://www.instagram.com/newoldfriendspodcast Joseph: https://www.instagram.co ...
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We're not birds, we're a Jug Band! Or, at least, we watched one this week. Jessie and Kellyn get the band back together (ha) to watch the classic Original Henson Holiday Movie: Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas! Come with us as we meet Ma, Emmet, and all their friends (and yes, even those River Bottom Boys). Instagram: @oldfriendswhovejustmet Email:…
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