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耳朵懷孕 / Pregnant Ears ∞ Facebook: ∞ Instagram: ∞ Email: ∞ 香油錢投遞帳戶: 國泰世華(013) 102035-010448 Paypal Line Pay 街口 Powered by Firstory Hosting
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*最後一個團口誤,正確名稱為當代"電影"大師 --- 1. Bubble Tea and Cigarettes - 5AM Empanada with You 2. Peach Pit - Tommy's Party 3. Yerin Baek - Popo (How deep is our love?) 4. 當代電影大師 - 我常常有一種感覺 --- 道友推薦: 1. Jonah Yano - Shoes 2. BASI - かさぶた --- 其他資訊可在Facebook/Instagram搜尋"可以塞滿我的耳道嗎?"找到 祝福大家平安過到2021! Powered by Firstory Hosting…
本日菜單:1. Mustard Service - Get Fucked2. Blanks - Wave3. Smoothie Booze - It's Not the Time4. Temporex - Nice BoysMore Info:∞∞∞ Powered by Firstory Hosting
本日菜單:1. Dumbo Gets Mad - Misanthropulsar2. Lounge FM - Act This Way3. Joni - Botanical Baby4. Scuba Dvala - Soy BoyMore Info:∞∞∞ Powered by Firstory Hosting
本日菜單請笑納∞雷擎-心肝寶貝∞藍婷-暫時離線∞South Bad Boy-Mr. Right∞Everfor-甜蜜的房間∞DSPS-冬天再去見你More Info:∞∞∞ Powered by Firstory Hosting
各位道友們,本日菜單請笑納∞YONLAPA-Let Me Go∞temp.-Motel California∞Part Time Musicians-The Only One∞mamakiss-ดาวเคราะห์แคระ (Dwarf Planet)∞Dept-หรือไม่ใช่ (Dementia)More Info:∞∞... Powered by Firstory Hosting
本日歌單:∞ADOY-Wonder∞Silica GEL-NEO SOUL∞hyangni-Cosmic Boy∞Land of Peace-My Single Bed∞87dance-iBoy∞更多資訊請到臉書及Instagram/More info: ** Powered by Firstory Hosting
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