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In the midst of a culture of chaos, a clear voice is necessary to cut through the noise and challenge the prevailing narrative of the day. The Establishment liberals and their minions in media, education and politics have confounded and distorted the debate on any and every issue in America. With their false presumptions, intimidation, denial of reality, and hostile purposes, they have perpetuated an erroneous view of everything we hold dear and sacred in this civilization and enacted a brut ...
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Even our forebears the Pilgrims learned the misery of attempting socialism, as William Bradford writes: “as if they were wiser than God.” They learned that “God in His wisdom saw another course fitter for them.” Property rights. Capitalism. Enjoy today the blessings of liberty!由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Happy Thanksgiving America! The story is not genocide, racism, & theft but peaceful harmony between Pilgrims and Indians. After hardship, together they thanked the GOD of the Bible for his blessings & provision and celebrated with a great harvest. Rejoice in our inspiring legacy!由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Conservatives hold on to TRADITION while Left does everything to destroy it. Hypocrisy exposes Left’s real intent to overturn our way of life. They fight for an alleged cause – women, poor, environment – as pretense to advance leftwing agenda and assault freedom & the rule of law.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Happy Thanksgiving Week! Thank God for the blessings of liberty and prosperity in this great nation! We proudly stand for an America First agenda because of our commitment to the virtues of lawful self-government. Enjoy the holiday week!由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Gee I wonder why gas prices are THROUGH THE ROOF? Media tells us rainstorms in California, pandemic recovery? Blame oil companies! Definitely NOT cuz Biden closed pipelines/shut off supply to appease environmental wackos. Nothing to see here. Learn: everything Left says is spin由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Climate change is not real. It’s bogus pagan religion, earth worship sanitized under the guise of modernity. Don’t believe the hype. Christians and conservatives compromising on this and giving credence to a hoax idolatrous religion do more harm than good. Stand your ground.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Climate change/environmentalism is a pagan, naturalist religion, total lie. Besides the absurdity of global bureaucrats believing they can decree by fiat & regulation whether temp goes up or down. Who believes this? LAUGHABLE. God ALONE controls weather, as does the divine Son.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Whether it’s feminism, environmentalism, social justice, so-called “diversity, equity, & inclusion,” transgender advocacy, etc., it’s all a veil, a pretense covering the Left’s true purpose: dismantling Christianity. Don’t believe the hype: Liberalism/Leftism is an anti-Christ religion.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
While world leaders gather at phony climate summit in Scotland I ask again: “Why do the nations rage & the peoples plot in vain… against the Lord and against his Anointed?” Psalm 2. Meanwhile in other news: inflation, open border, supply shortage, terrorists take Yemen embassy, etc…由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Sanctity of LIFE & PROPERTY are the foundation of LIBERTY and allow human flourishing. When these are suspended/abolished, the guardrails against evil are removed and a citizen can no longer live safe & unmolested by the crimes of his neighbor. Removing God’s law always produces human misery.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Environmentalism always slides into anti-capitalism rhetoric b/c it IS anti-capitalism. It is a pretense to wage a war against property. Environmentalism uses alleged care for earth as false justification to subsequently launch a deliberate, tactical assault against God’s law of ownership. Saving trees equates with “Give up your rights.” Which is w…
See the correlation between liberalism, environmentalism, the dissolution of property rights, & the world’s war against God. Man in his evil CHAFES against God’s Law & against His Christ. Libs understand better than Christians how property is a cornerstone & safeguard to liberty.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Beautiful fall morning in America! Thankful for my country especially this time of year near Thanksgiving when reminded of our great history. God still reigns on His throne & always will. So take heart! Render to God the glory due His Name, be grateful for the blessing of liberty!由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Lying to people is ugly sin. Media freaks out over alleged “white supremacy” that gave GOP sweeping victory. Someone please tell them Republicans just voted in first BLACK female LT Gov in Virginia & a Hispanic AG. Conservatives vote for policy, Libs only ones who play race card由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Why do the nations rage, the people’s plot in vain? The One enthroned in heaven laughs. I have installed my king on Zion, my holy hill, Ps 2. Praise God that we serve a King who isnt voted in. We dont wait for precinct counts or worry they cheated: King Jesus reigns on his throne.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Virginia goes blood red as Republicans sweep, NJ Republican Jack leading Dem Murphy all night in blue stronghold, yet Trump suffered a blowout loss merely 12 months ago? All of a sudden the country flipped Republican? Dont believe the hype. MAGA alive&well strong as ever just like 2020由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
What’s the best way to exclude people from society & keep them enslaved to poverty? Teach them that participation in work, merit, property rights, ownership, & self-government is a sellout to their oppressors since such absolute truths are positioned as TOOLS of their oppressors. Thus, these alleged “victims” will voluntarily self-exclude from prod…
Happy Reformation Day! Just as property rights are allegedly a “white construction,” so too justification in Christ is allegedly now a “white Reformation version” of the gospel. Result? Denying souls the truth they need by positioning transcendent absolutes as subjective & racist.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
College/Career Bible Study on 10.15.21, Part 220) Legal protection is good, to be sought after.21) Covenant is how to constitute a nation.22) Law restrains evil. 23) Evil is evil. 24) Wisdom requires practical steps. 25) Criminals don’t follow laws.26) Patriotism/Nationalism is a biblical, Christian virtue. 27) The culture does not determine the Ch…
Left KNOWS we outnumber them & win in honest public debate & lawful elections. CRT & Transgender Porn in schools under guise of Social-Emotional Learning. We show up at BOE meetings to resist. Libs call us domestic terrorists, threaten w/ federal prosecution: silencing by tyrants由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Wuhan Flu was biological warfare, a virus weaponized by China to disrupt US economy & the 2020 election. Why are we still debating this? Fauci funneled money from NIAID to Wuhan through leftist crony organizations like EcoHealth Alliance. This is LAWLESS bureaucracy at its finest.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Video reveals NJ Gov Murphy plans vax mandate after re-election. Despite lawless tyranny, voters still support him. Reminiscent of Israel in 1 Sam 8: We want a king!... God said “They have rejected me from being king over them.” B/c GOD IS KING, we are a nation of LAW and not tyrants.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
There will always be patriarchy b/c men are the physically dominant gender. The question is: what kind of patriarchy do you want? Loudon assault case shows that abolishing Christian sexual law & roles in name of feminism always dissolves into 1 thing: exploitation of women. Patriarchy is embedded in Gods creation. Abolishing it is as absurd as soci…
College/Career Bible Study on 10.15.2116) Expect hostility from the world. 17) Start with prayer. 18) The offensive against hostility is to preach. 19) We are the lazy nobles. 20) Legal protection is good, to be sought after. 21) "Covenant" is how to constitute a nation. 22) Law restrains evil. 23) Evil is evil. 24) Wisdom requires practical steps.…
Virginia Dems pass law: schools don't need to report sexual battery. Girl gets assaulted in a bathroom by “gender fluid” boy. Then police arrest the father b/c he spoke out at BOE meeting? DOJ Attorney General Garland says investigate PARENTS who speak out?! Justice is perverted. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for …
Everything the Left says is the opposite of what it does. V@x mandate to “save us” destroys liberty. Pro-union “workers’ rights” laws crush opportunity & contract economy. Political correctness spreads hatred/division. The Left lies because lying is its native language.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Don’t believe hype: supply chain disruption not natural ebb/flow of economy & unavoidable result of pandemic. Crippling pro-union laws & environmental regulations have created trucker shortage & crushed small owner/operator businesses. It’s the Left’s Degrowth Agenda to contract economy.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Prosperity is not a neutral idea. It is virtuous to seek the prosperity, peace, & welfare of our communities & nation. The Left seeks a crippled economy in order to spread misery & implement top-down government control as alleged "remediation." Open the markets, restore manufacturing.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
“This is the first point to be made: and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things - praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over …
“Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist,” John Adams. Behind nearly every Leftist idea is the goal of dissolving God’s decree of property rights built into creation. Calif. Gov. Newsom continues assault with newest “fight climate change” initiative: banning lawn mowers. And OTHER insanity in the news...…
I’m not a personal friend of Prof. Owen Strachan... yet. But I’d like to be. I’m committing unashamed plagiarism of his excellent recent post: CIVILIZATION MATTERS. Check out todays episode at F2tF.org to understand why Christians MUST engage culture with the truth.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Anti-Columbus activists destroy statue of Andrew Jackson. The Left erases history, attempting to dissolve our cultural solidarity. When there’s no corporate identity, there’s no founding principles left to defend. Our constitutional order can be supplanted with leftist tyranny.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
As Americans, we are proud of our great history and legacy. Part of that is Christopher Columbus' world-changing accomplishment of discovering the New World! Take a walk down the path of history, and find out why we celebrate this important holiday.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Lying is the Left’s native tongue. Border agents whipping Haitians? Maxine Waters says its worse than slavery? Who falls for this? The same ones who fell for lie that Trump epitomizes evil. Vilifying conservatives is leverage to silence us. Don’t fall for phony self-righteous indignation. All of a sudden the Left has morals?! Yeah right, give me a …
Buzz words to malign conservatives: far-right, right-wing extremist, anti-government, militia, domestic terrorist, white supremacist, pro-military, nationalist. But defending the Second Amendment, Constitution, and a “well-regulated militia” isn’t fringe cook, its true patriotism由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
General Milley commits TREASON with Chinese Communists. Designer of AOC’s Tax-the-Rich dress EVADES taxes. Biden’s drone strike kills CHILDREN not terrorists. Meanwhile NO ONE attends alleged “Far Right” rally. Who are the EXTREMISTS again? Left ignores facts, just demonizes freedom-loving patriots.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
College/Career Bible Study on 9.3.219) Capital punishment is a deterrent. 10) God hates perverted justice. 11) Satan's goal is destroying Christianity. 12) "Guns" is about self-defense, not equipment. 13) Freedom is a stewardship. 14) Be active, not an "activist." 15) Self-defense is different from gospel persecution.…
Happy Constitution Day! On Sept 17, 1787 delegates in Philadelphia signed what is still the GREATEST human covenant guaranteeing liberty and limited government in history. We are a CONFEDERATED CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Learn it, love it, thank God for it. And defend it to the end由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Even George Bush draws INSANE moral equivalency btwn 9/11 terrorists & non-violent Jan 6 rally? That’s how to stain your presidential legacy. Meanwhile General Milley conspired against Trump w/ Chinese Communists? Trump Derangement Syndrome still alive/well & maintaining fever pitch.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Sterilizing handicapped women? Buck vs. Bell 1924 SCOTUS decision permits eugenics to eradicate “imbeciles” after a 1902 vax mandate stands. This is precedent to enforce compulsory vaccination? From same court that upheld slavery (Dred Scott) and segregation (Plessy vs. Ferguson).由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
How can anyone say Trump’s election/Jan 6 rally are WORSE than 9/11? Only by sheer hatred. Liberalism RESENTS Gods law, his created order (patriarchy), & Christianity. Liberalism rails against authority. Why do the nations rage & plot in vain against the Lord & His Anointed? Ps 2由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Pam Keith tweets that Trump's election and Jan. 6 rally were both worse than 9/11. Meanwhile, Biden is booed everywhere, Trump is still loved and applauded, and rigged elections continue their downward spiral into corruption, see California recall.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
#8. The victim matters, not the perpetrator. Nehemiah 4:14 "And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and to the officials and to the rest of the people, 'Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.'”…
Greatest federal overreach in US history. We are NOT Anti-Vax. We are anti-COMPULSORY vaccination. This is an assault against the fundamental right to life & property, of which one’s own body is the greatest iteration. Welcome to the encroaching tyranny of bureaucratic despotism.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Friends, there’s NO MORE OUTBREAKS. Not in churches, schools, nowhere. It’s called HERD IMMUNITY. Stop using media’s SCARE TACTICS/buzz words. The outbreak happened in Jan 2020. It’s over. We all knew this part was coming. Guess what? We’re all gonna get it, its a contagious flu. Don't believe the hype!…
Textbook case of failing to implement Reagan’s Peace Through Strength foreign policy: 1) Good guys leave Afghanistan. 2) Bad guys take over with guns. 3) Bad guys hold Americans hostage. Same as the Left taking our guns. Armed good guys keeps the peace. When righteous retreat, evil thrives.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Compassion is not in and of itself a stand alone virtue. It is a facade used to justify wrong thinking, so that detractors can be accused of being uncompassionate, uncaring, hateful. Compassion must be grounded in TRUTH. We are conservative because it is the more compassionate way.由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
Happy "Labor Day?" Not so much. 10 Reasons to Oppose Minimum Wage: 1) arbitrary. 2) market manipulation. 3) causes job loss. 4) causes loss in pay. 5) raises consumer prices. 6) depresses economy. 7) depresses work ethic. 8) unconstitutional. 9) bribery for votes. 10) end goal is socialism由Feet to the Fire Politics: Conservative Talk Show
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