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After a 22-year talk-radio career, TD Mischke escapes his soundproof booth and hits the road in search of adventure, eccentrics, whimsy and insights. Instead of bringing life into the radio studio, he decides to head out and meet it on its own terms, letting the gypsy call guide him. The Mischke Roadshow features podcasts, videos, writing, and photography. Find it all at @tommymischke on Twitter.
The Candelo Roadshow Radio Hour is an audible menagerie of stories, sounds and songs that celebrate the small-town, the surprising and the downright delightful. Created by a motley crew of artists and neighbours who all find themselves connected through the small country village of Candelo, NSW. At its heart, the Candelo Roadshow Radio Hour is an exploration of the characters and the questions that weave us together and the journeys that help us find our way home.
The Jesslee Roadshow

The Jesslee Roadshow

Jesslee, Steve Virginia & CHRIS ROSS®

Rising country-pop music sensation, Jesslee gives you a peek behind the curtain with a never seen before backstage pass as she travels with her jaw-dropping Band, Crew & Manager (Steve Virginia of Black Label Nash) throughout the roads of the USA and Worldwide. Join Jesslee as she shares a rare glimpse of the road with exclusive new releases before they drop with Host Chris Ross (Founder of WINJECT STUDIOS) and others as she experiences local culture at its finest! Whether it’s testing her t ...
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It’s easy to love a lovely person, but what about...them? What about that stereotype, that race, that person or group of people who don’t behave like you, don’t believe like you, and if you are honest, make you uncomfortable? What is love in this context? Guest Wilfredo "Choco" De Jesus addresses these questions in this episode. Guest information: …
The Wrestling Roadshow's first Halloween special! On this episode we profile some of wrestling's more... colourful... characters. Covered are; The Undertaker, Paul Bearer and Kane, Lord Humongous, Edge, Christian and Gangrel of The Brood, The Boogeyman and Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom. Check out the website at https://www.thewrestlingroadshow.c…
We are back from our break and hit the road running. This week we're talking; Dark Side of the Ring (Bruiser Bedlam/Johnny K-9, Luna Vachon), wrestlers misbehaving, AEW, social media drama and retro video games including a discussion on Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel! Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Drop us a line -…
In Episode 022, Jesslee and Steve chat about their gig in Roan Mountain TN, her most recently released single “Part of Me”, her upcoming halloween single “John Doe” and the most magical place they have ever stayed on the road! Make sure to check out this magical episode! Presented By WINJECT Studios ➥ TEXT +1 843-396-2104 (US/Canada)…
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