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You're Buying A Home With Silas Lindenstein is a podcast dedicated to helping people buy a home by educating them on the home buying process. Each episode focuses on one aspect of the home buying process or tells a story that will help home buyers make more informed decisions. Hosted by Silas Lindenstein, real estate agent for Boutique Brokerage in the Seattle, WA area.
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The pilot episode of the Quantum Leap reboot has dropped and my good friend and Quantum Leap enthusiast Anna-Marie Swanson dropped by to talk about it with me. So today....we are watching a TV show with Silas Lindenstein. This is our First Look episode, we will have a Last Look after it is finished for the season.…
This week Silas discusses things in and around the home you should know the age of when your buying a home. Know some of the items you might need to replace once you are into a home. Brought to you by Silas Lindenstein of Boutique Brokerage in Seattle, WA由Silas Lindenstein
This week, Silas Lindenstein covers 10 myths that are keeping you from buying a home. He goes over popular myths people have heard the keep them from trying to be home owners and debunkes them one by one. Silas is a real estate agent with Boutique Brokerage in Seattle, WA. If you need an agent anywhere in the country, contact him at Silas@SilasGets…
This week, Silas discusses buying with emotion. How buying emotional home buying can cost you money and get you the wrong house. He covers 5 different scenarios where this happens and gives you the tools and the proper mindset to combat this problem. Silas Lindenstein is a licensed real estate broker in the Seattle, WA area working with Boutique Br…
This week's episode looks at 11 lessons home buyers need to know before they purchase. Things that help us make more informed decisions when buying and ultimately save us money or stress. Silas Lindenstein is a real estate agent with Skyline Property in the Pacific Northwest.由Silas Lindenstein
This week's episode talks about whether you should buy or wait to buy during an uncertain economy. Silas Lindenstein, Skyline Properties Real Estate Agent, is located in the Seattle, Washington area so he is in the heart of all the events hitting the USA right now.由Silas Lindenstein
On this week's episode, Seattle Real Estate Agent Silas Lindenstein talks about when buying a condo or a townhouse is a good idea. Whether you are looking for a single family home or a condo/townhouse lifestyle, there are points made here that are worth considering.由Silas Lindenstein
On today's episode of You're Buying A Home, Seattle Real Estate Agent Silas Lindenstein (Skyline Properties) discusses the listing price of a home. Does the listing price tell you how much the house is worth? Should you offer more or less? Listen up to find out!由Silas Lindenstein
Today's episode is all about new construction. For this episode Silas invites on his good friend and Florida Real Estate Agent Carl Mataushek via Skype to discuss his extensive New Construction experience. Today's episode is brought to you by Silas Lindenstein at Skyliine Properties in the Seattle area. If you are looking to buy or sell a home anyw…
Silas Lindenstein, Seattle area real estate agent with Skyline Properties discusses how interest rates affect your buying power when purchasing a home. One small percent increase or decrease can have a huge affect on your ability to buy.由Silas Lindenstein
On today's episode we talk all about The Escalation Clause. A clause in your home offer that allows you to automatically offer more money if someone comes in at the same price. Learn how it can win you that home and save you money.由Silas Lindenstein
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