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Hi, you guys, Welcome to Monteray Radio International-MRI , Welcome to our Special Program, 《The Golden Words Today》, I’m steven Chen, the founder of Monteray international English and also the voiceover actor of fortune global 500 and HRTV of CCTV, It’s my great honor to read today’s golden words for you, I will read it in normal speed and slow speed, now let’s begin. 各位亲爱的朋友,大家好,欢迎来到蒙特雷国际电台,欢迎收听我们的《今日金句》这个特别节目,我是陈飞扬老师,蒙特雷国际英语创始人,同时也为世界五百强企业以及央视华人频道担任英语配音员,能为您们领读今日金句,我深感荣幸,我会以两种语速带大家朗读。 Ok, ...
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蒙特雷日常口语《DailyEnglish》8.1公益课 I have enough money to buy the car. 我有足够的钱买这辆车。 I [ai] 代词: 我 Have [hæv] 及物动词: 拥有 Enough [ɪ'nʌf] 形容词: 足够的 Money ['mʌni] 名词:钱 To [tu] 介词:往,朝...方向;(表目的)为了 Buy [baɪ] 动词:购买 Car [kɑr] 名词:小轿车由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/31 Love is like learning a foreign language. At the start it might be awkward and full of mistakes, but if you keep trying it opens up a totally new world. 谈恋爱就像学外语,刚开始可能有点笨手笨脚,总是出错,但是如果你继续努力,你就会发现一个全新的世界。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/30 In fact, thinking isn't going to change anything. Thinking will just keep you in the same position you're already in. You won't go anywhere, as If you're a human statue. 实际上,只想不做是不能改变任何事情的。因为光是想和思考只能让你原地踏步,就像是个人物雕塑,哪也去不了。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/28 I hated every minute of training, but I said,''Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." 我憎恨训练时的每一分钟,但我告诉自己:“别放弃。今天承受的这些苦痛,是为了让自己的余生能像冠军一样活着。”由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/24 The old man lives in hope, hope is realized orvanished, the new hope of blazing flame. If a person only live a day, what hopeis not, his life is actually stopped. 人生活在希望之中,旧的希望实现了,或者泯灭了,新的希望的烈焰随之燃烧起来。如果一个人只管活一天算一天,什么希望也没有,他的生命实际上也就停止了。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/21 You gain strength, courage and confidence byevery experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. 你灵魂中每一点力量、勇气与自信的积累,都来自于你一次又一次地直视恐惧、面对恐惧。 33333;background:#FAFAFA;mso-ansi-language:EN-US;mso-fareast-language:ZH-CN;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA'>由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/18 A person doesn’t need to live like a troop. It’sOK for a person to live on his own with dignity, ambition, dreams, sometimes aswell as with weakness and decadence. 一个人不用活得像一支队伍,一个人只要活得像一个人就行了,有尊严,有追求,有梦想,也有软弱和颓废的时候。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/17 People really don’t necessarily push themselvesso hard to be another kind of people who are not like them. There is no doubtthat to be strong is good, but there is also no wrong to be weak and soft. 人真的不必逼自己去做不像自己的那种人,强大固然是好,但脆弱和柔软也没有什么过错。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/16 Everybody has difficult years, but a lot of timesthe difficult years end up being the greatest years of your whole life, ifyou survive from them. 每个人都有很艰难的岁月。但是大多数时候,那些艰难的岁月最后会变成整个生命中最精彩的日子,如果,你挺过来的话。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/12 The phrase 'rule of thumb' is derived from andold English law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anythingwider than your thumb. 词组“ruleof thumb”(经验法则),是从一条古老的英国法律中来的,即:不能用超过大拇指粗细的东西打老婆。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7/10 was it a car or a cat i saw..'wasitacaroracatisaw'.. this is the only english sentence which even if we readin reverse, it'll give the same sentence. (我看到的是一辆车还是一只猫)这是英语中唯一一句反过来念还是一样的句子。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7.4 Live in your ages and watch the sceneries aroundyou. Whether it is pleasure or happiness, you should appreciate them fromexperience by yourself. Whether it is confusion or anxiety, you should put upwith them on your own. 活在自己的年纪里,看自己身边的风景。喜悦也好快乐也好,都自己去体会;迷茫也好焦虑也好,都自己去忍受。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7.3 You don’t have to be too entangled with themoment, nor need to be too worried about the future. When you have gone throughsomething, the landscapes before your eyes would have been different from whatthey formerly look like. 不必太纠结于当下,也不必太忧虑未来,当你经历过一些事情的时候,眼前的风景已经和从前不一样了。由陈飞扬英语配音大师
7.2 The opportunity is fleeting, you must use everydrop of sweat to fight, to believe that you will get more,fate will succumb to your efforts. 机会稍纵即逝,必须用你每一滴汗水去争取,坚信自己可以做得更好,命运终会屈服于你的努力由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/29 We must each find our starfish. And if we throwour stars wisely and well, the world will be blessed. 我们必须找到我们的海星,如果我们明智而恰当地把我们的海星扔进了海里,那么这个世界就得到了祝福。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/28 Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. Ifit’s bad, it’s experience. 不必遗憾,若是美好,叫做精彩;若是糟糕,叫做经历。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/27 Success means having the courage, thedetermination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant tobe. 成功意味着有勇气、决心以及坚信自己会有所作为的信念。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/26 Experience is the child of thought, and thoughtis the child of action. We cannot learn men from books. 经验是思想之子,思想是行动之子,了解他人不可以书本为据。 ——本杰明·迪士雷丽 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/25 I want this day, again can not cover my eyes, andto this sky, and then not buried my heart, to the living beings, all know me,to the buddhas, all gone! 我要这天,再遮不住我眼,要这地,再埋不了我心,要这众生,都明白我意,要那诸佛,都烟消云散! 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/24 There is nothing more important than friendshipsthat endure, especially in a world that insists on changing. 没有比经久不衰的友谊更重要的事,尤其是在这个不停变化的世界里。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/23 Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin,some in gloss.... But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent,and when you do, nothing will ever compare. 有人住高楼,有人在深沟,有人光万丈,有人一身锈,世人万千种,浮云莫去求,斯人若彩虹,遇上方知有。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/22 There are many definitions of beauty. To embrace yourself. Never give up yourself. Eventually, you will live your own shining life! 关于美的定义有很多种, 能够坦然接受自己, 不放弃自己, 都能活出自己的闪亮! 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/21 You're not experiencing more hardship thanothers. The pain is mainly due to sensitivity andvulnerability 你所经历的苦难并不比别人多, 痛苦主要是源于敏感和脆弱。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/20 To care too much about other people's opinions isto afflict oneself. Being unacceptable with things that cannotbe changed is weakness. 过分在意别人的看法是对自我的折磨 不能接受生命不能改变的事情是懦弱 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/18 We all honor heroes for different reasons. Sometimes for their daring. Sometimes for their bravery. Sometimes for their goodness. 我们都有各种理由去尊敬英雄。有的是因为英雄的胆识,有的是因为勇气,有的是善良。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/17 Few things are impossible in themselves; and itis often for want of will, rather than of means, that man fails to succeed. 几乎没有什么事情是根本做不成的;人们之所以失败,与其说是条件不够,不如说是缺乏意志。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/16 Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong peoplebefore meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we willknow how to be grateful. 在遇到梦中人之前,上天也许会安排我们先遇到别的人;在我们终于遇见心仪的人时,便应当心存感激。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/15 Don't waste your time looking back on what you'velost. Move on, for life is not meant to be traveled backwards. 不要浪费时间去追忆失去的东西。你得朝前看,因为生命不会走回头路。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
6/13 Maybe the fault does not lie in the way but inthe choice.And there is nothing wrong in love,but in destiny. 也许,路并没有错的,错的只是选择;爱并没有错的,错的只是缘分。 蒙特雷国际电台MRI荣誉出品 中国顶尖英语配音大师陈飞扬录音制作由陈飞扬英语配音大师
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