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CPAC Today in Politics starts each weekday in Canadian politics with the latest news headlines, a summary of topical opinions from columnists, editorialists and pundits and a preview of the day’s events and activities. Hosted by veteran writer and broadcaster Mark Sutcliffe, CPAC Today in Politics provides you with the information you need to understand what’s driving public policy and political decision-making and tells you what to watch for in the day ahead. A broadcaster, writer and entre ...
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Jason Kenney steps down as leader of the United Conservative Party in Alberta; Ed Fast is no longer the Conservative Party’s finance critic after speaking out against Pierre Poilievre's vow to fire the Bank of Canada governor; And Russia closes CBC's Moscow bureau in response to Canada banning Russian State TV.…
Conservative leadership candidates continue to attack each other over their responses to the shooting in Buffalo; The Prime Minister reinforces Canada’s support for Finland and Sweden joining NATO; And calls for a royal apology over residential schools as the Prince of Wales visits Canada.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Pierre Poilievre denounces “white replacement theory”, as MPs unanimously adopt a motion on the shooting in Buffalo; Canada could be among the first countries to ratify Sweden and Finland as members of NATO; And the opposition parties vote to revive the special committee studying Canada’s ties with China.…
The Prime Minister responds to Pierre Poilievre's vow to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada; Canada is boosting its role in NATO deterrence efforts in Latvia; And police are now actively investigating a complaint over the protest where Jagmeet Singh was harassed in Peterborough.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Has anything changed after the first official debate among contenders for the Conservative leadership; The Liberals announce funding to expand access to abortion services; And with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives leading in the polls, one week into an election campaign, leader Doug Ford continues to take aim at his Liberal rival.…
Conservative leadership hopefuls square off tonight in their first official debate; A U.S. Senator has some harsh words for Canada’s NATO contributions; The government will appeal an Alberta court ruling that the federal environmental impact law is unconstitutional.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Candidates prepare for the first Conservative leadership debate featuring everyone on the ballot; How much will the abortion issue become a factor in the Conservative leadership race?; And an alliance of organizations focused on women’s rights calls for an overhaul of the RCMP.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
There were sparks and accusations as 5 candidates for the Conservative leadership appeared at an unofficial debate; Governor General Mary Simon will visit several remote northern Quebec communities, including her hometown; And there will be no consequences after the Conservative Party accused the Prime Minister of swearing in the House of Commons.…
Canada plans to continue sending equipment to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia; Ottawa Police say they will not tolerate any sort of long-term occupation, as hundreds of bikers head to the capital; And Preston Manning urges Conservative leadership contenders not to launch personal attacks at each other.…
MPs adopt a motion to recognize that Russia is committing acts of genocide against the Ukrainian people; Canada is working with allies on legislation that would allow seized Russian assets to be sold on behalf of Ukrainian victims; And the Conservatives want the RCMP to reopen an investigation into the Prime Minister’s holiday at the Aga Khan’s pri…
Canada's environment commissioner warns that the 2030 emissions target may not be achievable; The Prime Minister says the opposition needs to move on from his family vacation at the Aga Khan's private island; And Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter could face challenges from governments around the world.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Questions from the Opposition after news that the RCMP considered charging Justin Trudeau over his vacation on the Aga Khan’s private island; The federal government calls an independent public inquiry into its use of the Emergencies Act; And police prepare for another protest heading to Ottawa.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Concerns about affordability continue to rise as Canada’s inflation rate jumps to its highest level in 31 years; The Prime Minister says details about new military aid to Ukraine are being kept quiet for now; And the federal government announces a fund to help bring Ukrainian refugees to Canada.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Canada will send heavy artillery to Ukraine; At least eight candidates have met the first deadline to have their names appear on the final ballot in the Conservative leadership race; And Canada will not be following suit as the U.S. drops its mask mandate on airplanes.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Ahead of an important meeting of world leaders, Canada prepares more aid for Ukraine; Anita Anand says there’s a strong argument to be made that Russian actions in Ukraine amount to genocide; And can Pierre Poilievre’s popularity on the leadership campaign trail translate into a win?由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
The Prime Minister responds to the U.S. President calling the situation in Ukraine a genocide; Pierre Poilievre continues to draw big crowds to his leadership campaign events; And what effect will the Bank of Canada’s interest rate hike have on inflation?由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Canada's top doctor confirms the country is in a sixth wave of COVID-19; Families seeking to resettle relatives fleeing Ukraine speak out about delays in Canada’s immigration application process; And Jean Charest says he would expand parental leave and allow pregnant women to access the federal child care benefit.…
Jean Charest goes on the attack against Pierre Poilievre’s climate policies and support of the convoy; Canada pledges $100-million more in aid for Ukraine; And Jason Kenney calls for unity, ahead of leadership review ballots being sent to members of his party in Alberta.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Will there be an increase in defence spending in tomorrow’s federal budget?; The Prime Minister faces questions about concerns over Arctic sovereignty; And the government introduces a bill that would force digital giants to compensate Canadian media outlets.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
General Jonathan Vance avoids a criminal record, after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice; The government defends its decision not to offer all Ukrainians coming to Canada the same supports as typical refugees; And the opposition lays out its priorities for the coming federal budget.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Work begins on a new child care program for Ontario, after Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford reach a deal; A poll suggests that nearly half of Canadians think the Liberal-NDP deal will be good for the country; And the Liberal government enters into final negotiations to buy the F-35 fighter jet.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Speaking to the European Parliament, Justin Trudeau warns democracy faces a ‘defining moment’; NATO leaders consider their options to address the crisis in Ukraine; And the Liberals and NDP fight back against opposition claims that their new deal will cost Canadians billions.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
The interim Conservative leader accuses the Liberals of trying to cling to power by making a deal with the NDP; Jagmeet Singh defends his party’s decision to support the Liberals; The Prime Minister arrives in Brussels for an emergency meeting to plan NATO’s next steps to deal with the crisis in Ukraine.…
The pre-entry COVID-19 testing requirement is scrapped for fully vaccinated travellers coming to Canada; The federal government announces an accelerated temporary residence plan for Ukrainians fleeing the war; And Anita Anand says Canada may see a significant increase in defence spending.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
What’s next for Canada as it continues to respond to Ukraine’s requests for help?; NATO plans to increase its military presence in eastern Europe; And the federal government is expected to announce that, as of April 1st, Canadian-bound travellers will no longer have to provide a pre-arrival COVID test.…
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address Canadian Parliament this week; The debate continues over what further steps Canada should be taking as the conflict in Ukraine persists; And Patrick Brown makes his run for the Conservative leadership official, while Peter MacKay rules out a bid.由Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)
Justin Trudeau takes direct aim at the Russian president, while announcing more funding for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine; The Prime Minister’s security advisor warns domestic extremism in Canada is here to stay; And Jean Charest makes his run for the Conservative leadership official, with an announcement from Patrick Brown expected on the weeken…
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