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HellYeah on the WebRock Station ! Find your favourite Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal tracks in the daily playlist of Vinylestimes Classic Rock Radio. Live interviews are available in the 213Rock & Last Ride shows. / Free app Vinylestimes Doc Olivier / Harrag Melodica Nous écouter: FREE APP Apple : FREE APP Google : #vinylestimes #podcast #213Rock 👍
Vinyl Ventures

Vinyl Ventures

John Wheeler & Jason Rich

John and Jason are vinyl collectors, crate diggers, and music lovers. Each episode they share stories of vinyl discoveries, pressing details, and favorite albums. Vinyl Ventures also features guests who share their knowledge, experience and musical passions. It's a vinyl gold rush - stake your claim!
Your Old Pal Will takes you on a journey through the peaks and valleys of all recordings vinyl. A through Z, organized alphabetically by artist/compilation title, irregardless of genre. Maybe it’s by title. Maybe it’s by album. Who knows what path we take next. New episode every Wednesday. Get your Vinyl-O-Matic tshirt here! (
Over 1 billion dollars of vinyl records were sold last year. The Vinyl records industry died and now has risen again. Find out how you can continue or start to love vinyl records. VISIT OUR NEW MEGA MUSIC SITES: Or Shop At Our Worldwide Location EStore: Subcribe Today! Email:
Welcome to the Vinyl Countdown, a podcast where I discuss my favorite vinyl releases and all things associated with them. Who knows, I may even have guests from time to time! New episodes every Friday. Listen, rate, review and subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts. Music credits: “The Roar of Far Off Black Jets” (intro) and Arc-Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower of White (The Light)” (outro) by Thursday, used with permission from Thursday.
Det bliver vildt, varmt, dansabelt og horisontudvidende, når du tager med DJ og pladesamler Jonas Visti på musikalsk rundtur i hele verden. På tværs af genrer, kontinenter, kulturer og sprog bliver du kyndigt guidet igennem de vigtigste historier og perspektiver af musikken. Spækket med musikalsk vellyd uanset om programmet bliver sendt fra et studie i Danmark eller er rejst til Afrika og sender fra en tagterrasse i Accra.
The Vinyl Preacher is a weekly podcast where we talk about Sunday's texts and make a playlist to listen to on your way to or from worship. Hosted by Matt Keadle (Southern Cal) and Zach Parris (Colorado), it's supported by LuMin, the Lutheran Campus Ministry Network, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Nate is a record collector, music lover and vinyl maniac. Join him on his journey to discuss, share and review all things related to vinyl records. We feature stories about and interviews with musicians, artists and people of knowledge in the area of vinyl records. Additionally we share information on desirable pressings of records, how to tell a $5 pressing from a $500 pressing and care and maintenance for your cratedigging hobby. Subscribe and share with your record-nerd friends. Cheers!
Say what you like, music just sounds better at 33rpm . . . Join Steve as he trawls through his record collection to bring you the best from the late ’60s and the ’70s. Well known and not-so-well-known songs from the likes the Beatles, the Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Allman Brothers and many more, spinning from the decks of OAR FM.
NO POLITICS!! JUST MUSIC FROM THE VINYL. THE WHOLE VINYL AND NOTHING BUT THE VINYL! “The Vinyl Exile” is a music podcast in which I only play music from out of print vinyl albums that are no longer available as domestic releases on compact discs and are unavailable as digital download tracks. The pops, skips and surface noises that you hear on the songs will not be edited out or cleaned up.
Wine & Vinyl Club

Wine & Vinyl Club

Chris, David and Christian

Welcome to the Wine and Vinyl Club. A podcast for people who love drinking wine and listening to good music. Once a fortnight David, Chris and Christian discuss an album from an eclectic mix of classics from the Beatles through to Harry Styles. Then the fun part, we attempt to match it with two different bottles of wine or other drinks, and finally choose which wine best matches the album.
As a classic rock enthusiast (even though I was born in the mid-1990s), I discuss my favorite albums that were released 10-20 years before I was born and give my ranking of the songs on the album. I have also included Extended Podcasts, which include autobiography reviews, concert reviews, movie reviews, games, and more! Support this podcast:
::. A REVOLTA do Vinyl .:: 1 hora de música cheia de energia para respirar e também para dançar com Ricardo Guerra. Sábados, 23h - Meia-Noite, na Oxigénio 102 6 fm, Lisboa. 1 music hour full of energy to breathe and also to dance, with Ricardo Guerra in the mix. Saturdays, 23h - 00h, on Oxigénio Radio 102 6 fm, Lisbon.
You know how you hear a song, or an album and it has that magic on it, that thing that teleports you back. It’s the soundtrack of your life, if you think about it. I’m a Bicentennial baby. I grew up listening to records. Those records turned to tapes and tapes to CD’s. Now we just stream it all. But I have to say, I am a bit Vinyl-y. I am part of a sub-culture of audiophiles who evolve with the times but every now and then the occasion calls for wax. You ever wanted to talk to your favorite ...
VINYL HUNTER, c est le collectif rassemblant des amateurs de différents horizons musicaux, avec de solides bases communes et une énorme complicité. Ici, pour livrer cette passion artistique teintée d émotions, Les selektas varient des 60's au 90's élaboré par Dandelion, Eclectik LH, DJ Toty ou Foxydigga le tout en vinyle et généralement masterisé par DJ Toty. Have a good time
Backstage at the Vinyl Cafe welcomes listeners into the warm and comforting world of the Vinyl Cafe. Each episode features two stories about Canada’s favourite fictional family: Dave, Morley and the kids, narrated by the late Stuart McLean and recorded live in concert. For the first time ever, long-time producer Jess Milton shares rare, behind-the-scenes stories from her 15 years touring, travelling, laughing, and recording with her close friend Stuart. This is a world that is rooted in kind ...
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It's the show that 'may' finally get us kicked off the air. Today, it's A TASTE OF METAL. We're talking about it's roots, playing early metal records that influenced the genre, it's universal love by the fans and the panning by the critics (sounds like our show, right???). Speaking of which, we are the show that was voted BEST RADIO SHOW and BEST P…
Dustin's Vinyl Episode 95 with Hosts Dustin Chafin, Jeffrey Paul, and Anthony Kapfer On this week's episode of Dustin's Vinyl, we discuss the 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees and state our cases for who should get in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit由Authentic Podcast Network
This week, will delve into what many contend is the blue print for 1990's power pop, the 1991 LP by Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend. Things were not looking particularly up for Sweet as he worked on his third album. Professionally he had no label, and personally his marriage was falling apart. Having released two competent, but commercial disappointing a…
On this episode Tony choses a record and he chose to stay in Ireland with Van Morrisons album Saint Dominick’s Preview. We discuss Van Morrisons music. Did the guys like the record? Is he to old to still be touring? What unmistakably famous riff was inspired by a song on this album. We also announce Eder’s pick for next weeks review.…
Hey Vinyl Community! In this installment of Vinyl Community Podcasts, Rob from Northern Revolutions is joined by Concert Buddie to have a deeper discussion about some of their vinyl gambles experienced throughout their record collecting journeys. Vinyl gambles could be those purchases we almost made but didn't for one reason or another and now mayb…
Steve Turner of Mudhoney has been chasing vinyl for years - today he discusses his record collection, the amazing finds, the rare records of Mudhoney, early days of Subpop, the new LP "Plastic Eternity" and lots more. Topics include: Interview intro Mudhoney 2023 Australia dates Recording “Plastic Eternity” Does Mudhoney have control of their catal…
This week on Classic Vinyl Podcast, Justin and Tyler review ninth studio album from Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. With over 20 million copies sold worldwide, this is one of Pink Floyd's best selling albums. This so called concept album was Pink Floyd's criticism of the music business, mixed with a tribute to one of Pink Floyd's founding members S…
Ep. 343 - We've got some big news about this summer. Matt doesn't really read his email, so it takes us a while before we get there, but then...We also get you ready for the strangest of liturgical Sundays, Palm/Passion Sunday. Speaking of strange, Zach went to a strange concert. Hear about that and what we've put on the playlist this week! The Pla…
“We stumble upon the great loves of our lives in the oddest ways” On this week’s episode of Backstage at the Vinyl Cafe, two funny stories about Dave’s mother, Margaret and the new beginnings, loves and friendships she finds in later life. In Opera, she takes a long-awaited trip to New York City. In Spring in the Narrows, Dave heads back to his hom…
Ahead of the March 31st release of their latest record -- Continue as a Guest -- New Pornographers ringleader and vocalist/songwriter A.C. Newman talks about imposter syndrome, finally putting out an album with the much-beloved Merge label, why his songwriting approach lies somewhere between The Pixies and Burt Bacharach, and how one particular gar…
No one can agree about the music this episode, but we do all agree that the drinks are terrific. We learn about Calvin Harris’s Twitter tirades; Bonnie pays a visit and quizzes us on strange rapper’s names, and the accompanying Spotify playlist is a banger! W&VC SPOTIFY PLAYLIST – S3 Ep6. Calvin Harris: Ready for the Weekend. This is a collection o…
Nine is the fourth composite number, and the first composite number that is odd. 9 is the highest single-digit number in the decimal system. By Mihăilescu's theorem, 9 is the only positive perfect power that is one more than another positive perfect power, since the square of 3 is one more than the cube of 2. The Beatles created a sound collage wit…
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