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Where I'm Calling From

Where I'm Calling From

Megan Koester and Clare O'Kane

Once a week, Megan Koester (writer, comedian, mommy) and Clare O'Kane (writer, comedian, big daddy) catch up with each other on the telephone. That's right, these are RECORDED TELEPHONE CALLS for YOUR(?) enjoyment. Mostly just a self-indulgent excuse to talk to each other on a weekly basis. The conversations will be funny, dumb, and most certainly tedious. We hope you likey.
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Paul Zaloom (Beakman from Beakman's World) joins us this week to talk honestly about his hometown of Garden City, how he got into the puppetry arts, where he hung out in the hip Hempstead district, and what it was like growing up in a big family. Paul Zaloom takes us through the backstory of Beakman's World, tells the story of his encounter with Ro…
Steven Page (The Steven Page Trio, formerly of Barenaked Ladies) joins us this week to talk honestly about his hometown of Scarborough, how a summer music camp changed the course of his life, the Scarborough landmarks that found their way Steve's songs, and how his fellow Canadians tend to punish success. Steve Page takes us through the history of …
Pilot. We talk to Ali Spagnola (Power Hour drinking game, YouTube musician/vlogger) about her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, including Edgar Snyder ads, Kennywood, and how her alma mater Carnegie Mellon University prepared her to be a one-woman content studio. Produced as part of the America's Next Top Podcaster reality show with the help of September…
PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/cometowhereimfrom What's your favorite colour baby! Our guest this Episode is American singer, guitarist, actor and the lead vocalist for one of the legendary NYC bands, Living Colour!!! We sit down and do a deep dive back to the 80's, his early career as an actor, the birthday party that set in…
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