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Brought to you by This podcast is geared to help parents teach young kids Mandarin Chinese. This podcast might best be suited for children that already have exposure to Chinese (such as kids who go to Chinese school or whose parents speak Chinese to them) but anybody might enjoy it! We try to make it fun and hope you like it! Our blog is full of resources to help parents teach their kids Chinese in addition to this podcast.
The show aims to teach Chinese remnants how to study and recite Gospel Bible Verse in English. Hoping that God's Gospel will come into their hearts and become their guidance. Giving them power in their life. Psalm 119:105: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. There are 100 episodes in total, with one Gospel Bible Verse teaching in an episode most (sometimes the verse is too long so we sometimes will separate it into two episodes). Every week three episodes will be updated ...
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从房龙音乐看西方早期乐史 致力于早期音乐的古乐家复原14世纪的音乐 但并不代表我们听到的就是它原本的样子 古代音乐 的演奏乐器和音高标准和今日是完全不同的 尼德兰地区的乐师把对位法引入音乐 教皇允许或不允许世俗音乐出现在祭典音乐中 最终形成了我们熟悉的音乐形式由白檀的古典音乐片刻
大提琴希伯来狂想曲《所罗门》。 所罗门大帝在传说中公正智慧,善于断案,有两女争一子的断案故事。 他的指环,戴上可以听懂鸟兽语言。国外一些书籍的名称即取自这个传说。 也能用于封魔,《一千零一夜》中里的鬼怪多数都自称是被所罗门的指环封印。 示巴女王前去拜见他,并为他生下儿子孟菲斯,埃及的孟菲斯城即得名于此。另外还有几部音乐作品都是以这个事件作为题材。 所罗门王的宝藏,是西方传说中最大的宝藏。由白檀的古典音乐片刻
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