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If life is anything like a video game, we all know the sidequests are where the really good stuff hides. Join Eric, Dan, Tom, and Mike as they throw structure, format, and planning to the wind and talk about absolutely anything related to video games... and even more things that are not. Serious adventurers need not apply, because let's face it... storyline happens to other people.
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Sparkly thigh boots at the ready as we head out on our annual pilgrimage to MoCon where too much money is spent, hotel rooms are destroyed, and very bad food is eaten. Upon our return, we stop off at the Mall of Willamette which appears to have been taken over zombies (not really, we're playing Dead Rising).…
A full crew descends upon the mics to share their thoughts on Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Chivalry 2 and Dark Alliance while trying to unravel the mystery of how two grown men managed to get stuck to their kitchen floors in the same week.由Tom Ragan, Mike Tyson, Dan Curtis, Eric Pederson
The whole Gamestonks adventure attracts our attention as Eric dabbles in the stock market, and everyone unsuccessfully tries to explain how it works to Dan. Meanwhile, the lads start a new venture, competing against each other in a video game draft league for the next year!由Factory Sealed
Near, far, wherever you are, close the top half of your door, cozy up in your meat sweats, and gaze far across the distance into the Sonic movie you've seen every night in your Dreams before dozing off to Revenge of Shinobi, which feels like it was made to last for a lifetime.由Factory Sealed
Pop an Alka Seltzer and join us for some context-sensitive fun through Conker’s Bad Fur Day; an adventure that incorporates giant operatic shit mountains, sadistic teddy bears, Liverpudlian dung beetles and a short, cat-hating grim reaper. No, we didn’t make that up.由Factory Sealed
Join ManBat on a quest to thwart the evil machinations of Squarecrow (and Eric has something to admit) in Batman Arkham Asylum, dump a truck load of manure on Stadia, gush all over Death Stranding, and discuss how Pokemon can be bastards in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 191: Batman Arkham: Asylum appeared first on Factory …
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