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Welcome to the Social Impact CEO Podcast, where conscious entrepreneurs raise money and change the world. On this podcast social entrepreneur Will Sacks gives strategies, tactics & success stories aimed at helping you raise money to build your dream company. Also featuring interviews with successful social impact founders creating companies that matter, and behind the scenes discussion of social entrepreneurship.
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In this episode Will goes through the rest of the ten step framework he used to raise $6 million of investor capital at Kindara, and that he now uses to help other social entrepreneurs raise money. #GetFunded #Startup Hear the first few steps here: Step 1:…
In this episode Will talks about startup funding and specifically: * Angel Investors vs. Venture Capital as a source of funding for your business. * How to make your fundraise easier by choosing investors that are aligned with your vision for your business.
In this episode Will talks about how to hone your investor pitch so it resonates with investors. He tackles topics such as storytelling, making a list of common questions, making supplementary slides, and getting to the point where your pitch feels good in your bones. Essential listening for every social impact entrepreneur looking to raise money t…
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