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Brought to you by This podcast is geared to help parents teach young kids Mandarin Chinese. This podcast might best be suited for children that already have exposure to Chinese (such as kids who go to Chinese school or whose parents speak Chinese to them) but anybody might enjoy it! We try to make it fun and hope you like it! Our blog is full of resources to help parents teach their kids Chinese in addition to this podcast.
It’s not just a school subject. It’s not just a tool of trade. No. It’s the language of Shakespeare, of Charles Darwin, of Andrew Lloyd Webber, of Steve Jobs, of Winston Churchill. It is the tongue shared by some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Learn it well, and you world will be a lot bigger. And you don’t even have to be born or raised in an English speaking country. With the right training, and a superhuman determination to excel, you too can speak English as expressively and e ...
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低級:- it’s not in my job description. - it’s not my responsibility. - why do I have to do that? 圓滑:I appreciate that you asked me/thank you for asking me. I would really love to contribute meaningfully to the project, but to be completely ho...由Radio Television Hong Kong
I did consider other options/doing it differently, but after taking everything into account (especially the risks that it would entail), I thought it would be prudent to stick to/not to deviate from the protocol/the guidelines/our usual practice.由Radio Television Hong Kong
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